On the right path: Distribution and routing equipment display innovation

Oct. 8, 2020
It’s getting increasingly challenging to get from Point A to Point B in a network. These innovations help alleviate that challenge.

With networks becoming more complex, and connecting new devices all the time, defining and maximizing pathways and spaces has become increasingly challenging. That reality has given rise to new innovations in distribution and routing equipment for cabling and connectivity systems. The 5 honorees in our Distribution and Routing category exemplify the innovative technologies and approaches that move not just cabling, but the industry as a whole, from Point A to Point B.

J-Tray is a UL-listed tray that installs using MonoSystems’ J-Hook system, which allows the designer or installer to add pathways easily. J-Tray is an aesthetic, organized alternative to conduit for low-voltage cabling in open ceilings, MonoSystems explains. It provides a solution that is often missing from other cable-support systems. “Many designers are specifying J-Tray as an alternative to extra-large conduit, given its ability to easily add tiers using our J-Hooks,” MonoSystems explains. J-Tray comes in mill finish aluminum and may be painted for interior design aesthetics or to help with pathway identification.
The HD Fusion Fiber Wall Mount Splice Enclosure from Panduit houses, organizes, manages and protects cable-to-cable fusion splice connections. It accommodates large-count fiber-optic cables typically coming in from outside the building, transitioning to smaller-count cables within the data center. This enclosure features splice trays that can accommodate individual or ribbon fiber and comes in two different sizes to splice up to 3456 fibers or 6912 fibers. The enclosure’s versatility makes it an ideal choice for a variety of applications including building entrance facilities/meet-me rooms, data centers, hyperscale, colocation, and telecommunications. Among the wall-mount enclosure’s benefits for users is the ability to pay-as-you-grow. Multiple enclosures can be ganged together either horizontally or vertically, so enclosures are added only when necessary. The tray can rotate, so it can be easily viewed even when fully populated. The door can be removed and installed without tools, and includes an integrated work surface that can store on the door when not in use.
The HD Flex Raised Floor Enclosure saves real estate by providing space below the raised floor to mount TIA 19-inch rack-mountable patch panels, thereby relieving congestion in racks and cabinets for installing network equipment. Panduit says the enclosure is an ideal data center and colocation solution as a consolidation point or zone distribution area (ZDA). For mainframes or storage area network applications, a ZDA can also save floor space by locating a termination point in a raised floor enclosure rather than in an adjacent cabinet. The raised floor enclosure is capable of accommodating field terminated or preterminated copper or fiber cassettes as a ZDA for rapid data center deployments and reconfigurations. The enclosure provides an efficient and cost-effective method to design and deploy structured cabling systems for open office architectures in any raised floor application.
Panduit’s PatchRunner 2 Cable Manager family was completed with the addition of the PatchRunner 2 Horizontal Cable Managers, which complement the PatchRunner 2 Vertical Cable Managers to deliver an optimized cable management experience. The product family provides value to users on several fronts, all of which impact the bottom line. For example, managers and doors are orderable as a single part number, and arrive preassembled, with the doors attached. This means fewer components to order, inventory and install, resulting in cost savings, and less packaging waste. The managers are robust and sturdy yet lightweight and easy to handle, so one person can install them with ease. Even vertical managers quickly attach with a couple bolts by a single installer. Added space within the managers and between fingers makes it easier and faster for technicians to complete moves, adds, and changes, thereby lowering labor costs. A significant value comes in optimizing space within the telecommunications room. The Enhanced Vertical Manager includes the ability to mount standard 19-inch accessories—including patch panels—within the cable manager, freeing up valuable rack real estate for other equipment.
PATCHBOX' Setup.exe is a rack-component installation support that provides a competitive advantages, increased well-being, safer working environment, and equal opportunities in the information technology sector, Patchbox points out. “Using the physical stability of an equilateral triangle the Setup.exe is mounted effortlessly to any 19-inch network rack, forming a secure triangular support,” PATCHBOX further explains. “In seconds, the Setup.exe is secured facing either inside or out of a rack, creating a sturdy and robust support to carry the weight of both rack equipment and laptops, or diagnostic tools, for instance.” When mounted facing into a rack, the Setup.exe securely takes the weight of equipment up to 15 kilograms [30 pounds], for example, switches.
During the task of component/hardware installation, the Setup.exe provides technicians the benefit of maintained control of the component, allowing the hands to remain free to complete the task with greater ease and comfort. When mounted facing out of a rack, the Setup.exe creates an ideal workspace for laptops and diagnostic tools, such as when terminating a patch panel. Setup.exe includes a rubberized surface and tool slots.

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