Silver award recipients improve through innovation

Oct. 6, 2022
Recipients of Cabling Innovators Awards silver-level honors have shown marked improvement over previous technologies.
Cabling Innovators Silver

Six products and one program received silver-level awards in the 2022 Cabling Innovators Awards program. To earn a silver award, a product demonstrates marked improvement over previous technologies, methods, and approaches. Here are this year’s silver award honorees.

Atkore’s Virtual Solutions Center offers a full-scale 3D product demonstration of cable management products on a user’s tablet, phone, or desktop device. It offers a self-led 3D tour of a fully realistic industrial environment and data center, demonstrating Atkore’s I-Beam, C-Channel Swage, and Eagle Basket cable tray products and accessories. Tour stops, accessible through the menu and markers in the environment, guide the user through the environment and showcase product benefits via video and marketing collateral.

Comtrend’s GCA-7000 Wave 2 Ethernet over Coax Adapter uses the latest standard in coax,, to deliver high-performance internet throughout a LAN via the existing coaxial cable line. With the proliferation of fiber internet, coaxial lines are now more available then ever to deliver highly reliable and fast internet within a home. Installers use the dark coax and the GCA-7000 to bring internet connectivity as close to the user as any coaxial outlet.

Corning’s Pigtailed Splice Cassette with MIC 250 2.0 cable is compatible with the company’s full portfolio of wall rack and industrial housings. Building off the Pigtailed Splice Cassette’s strengths of reduced complexity, maximized splice capacity and streamlined form factor, the MIC 250 2.0 cable provides an even faster installation solution for LANs. Showcasing a 9% smaller-diameter cable for easy handling and access, the MIC 250 2.0 also eliminates the need for stripping 900-micron buffer tubes when splicing 250-micron-to-250-micron fibers.

Enconnex’s DevShield RF Shielded Enclosure is a unique RF shielded data center cabinet designed explicitly for mobile application, IoT, and software developers as well as engineering labs that need to test and debug apps and software at a massive scale. DevShield can scale to test hundreds of devices in a single enclosure, to 20,000 devices across a network of enclosures. Enconnex claims it is the only full-size radio-frequency (RF) shielded cabinet specifically developed for use in data centers to conduct enterprise real device testing on one platform.

Jonard Tools’ 9-Inch Adjustable Round Hole Cutter with Vacuum Port is designed for cutting holes in ceilings, walls, and floors without making a mess. It is an ideal tool for installing recessed speakers, lighting, or other round objects. The adjustable hole cutter can be hooked up to vacuums. It cuts plywood, sheet rock, plaster board, and acrylic sheet up to 1-1/16 inches (27 mm) thick, and cuts hole sizes from 2.2 inches to 9 inches in diameter.

Panduit’s Wire Basket Overhead Cable Tray Routing System contributes to effective space utilization and network performance. It provides speed of deployment, structural integrity, cable protection, and ease of use. The Wire Basket Pathway Sections’ design provides a greater strength-to-weight ratio than other wire baskets, and its easier handling translates to faster installation. The wire mesh grid pattern allows greater amounts of cables and QuickNet Cassettes to pass gride openings without additional cutting, which further reduces installation time.

PulR’s Cable Pulling Adapters for Fiber Optic Patch Cords is a solution to challenges faced by cable installation technicians when pulling patch cords through walls, conduits, floors, overhead ceilings, behind baseboards, and other challenging routes inside a building. The product is a pluggable cable pulling adapter that can be easily field installed and removed at the end of a preconnectorized SC cord. It facilitates easy and safe pulls of FTTx patch cords through three-eighths-inch-diameter holes. It is engineered to grip on the outer sheath of a 4.8-mm-diameter patch cord. A rope pulling eye can be screwed to the PulR Adapter to help pulling into a 9.5-mm-diameter conduit.

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