Gold awards recognize excellence in innovation

Oct. 6, 2022
Honorees exhibit clear user benefits.
Cabling Innovators Gold

Honorees receiving gold awards in Cabling Installation & Maintenance’s 2022 Cabling Innovators Awards program have demonstrated excellence in innovation, along with clear benefits to users. The gold category was the largest group of honorees in this year’s program, and as a group they represent a significant amount of innovation within the industry. Gold-level honorees are listed here alphabetically by company name. Some companies received multiple gold awards.

AEM’s TestPro Smart Building Test Kits provide a uniquely scalable end-to-end field tester that can not only certified the installed copper and fiber, but also can provide end-device deployment support in the way of switch detail including slot/port/VLAN, WiFi discover, and detail including channel and signal strength.

Belden’s DCX High-Density Fiber Cabling Infrastructure Solution supports fast, easy operation and management of fiber terminations without taking up lots of space, allowing end users to maximize square footage. It an handle large numbers of fiber cables, support fast MACs, and accommodate future increases in fiber connections without compromising on ease-of-use.

CommScope’s Propel high-speed platform provides a single-source structured cabling and connectivity solution with all the bandwidth, headroom, design flexibility, and ease-of-installation needed to keep pace with evolving data center demands. With MPO16 and MPO8 module granularity, users can seamlessly migrate to more-efficient 400G/800G deployments, while fully supporting legacy 8-, 4-, and 2-fiber applications.

Corning’s EDGE Rapid Connect solution was developed hand-in-hand with major data center operators to address a key challenge in the current environment: time. In the data center industry, time directly equates to money, so the faster a user can bring new data center capacity online, the faster that user’s path to revenue. EDGE Rapid Connect eliminates splicing, reduces pathway costs, and minimizes risk. Also receiving a gold award is Corning’s Evolv terminals and drops, which support FTTP and 5G deployments in today’s increasingly space-constrained environments. Evolv thrives where congested poles or ducts are an issue, where space is a concern, and where aesthetics are critical. The solution allows operators to deploy terminals for any type of fiber-to-the-premises network with minimal visual impact.

Denver Innovations’ ePanelock is a cable management and access-security solution for racked equipment. It provides security locking covers for rack-mounted equipment to restrict access, in addition to providing cable management. It protects twisted-pair, coaxial, and other cable types from accidental or intentional access and disconnects. It integrated cable management includes tie bars and left/right cable exits.

Eaton’s 9PX lithium-ion uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides longer battery life and a smaller footprint than valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery-powered UPS technology. The 9PX lithium-ion UPS is the ideal solution for mission-critical edge environments and light-industrial applications ranging from education to healthcare. It offers seamless integration for virtual-machine-centric management and disaster preparedness, with a life expectancy of 10 years.

Fluke Networks’ FiberLert Fiber Light Detector is a pocket-sized tester that detects invisible near-infrared (850-1625 nm) wavelengths used in fiber-optic communications. When placed in front of an active fiber-optic port of patch cord, the tester emits a continuous light and optional tone. Unlike more-complex testers, the FiberLert requires no setup or interpretation of measurement readings on the part of the user.

Go!Foton’s NEMO “Any Density” Fiber Patch Panel represents an ideal fiber-management solution for today’s space-limited, high-capacity optical networks. The latest advancement in Go!Foton’s PEACOC product family, NEMO integrates the company’s innovative spreadable adapter technology into a traditional bulkhead-style fiber panel that is designed for deployment in any conceivable optical connectivity use case.

Legrand’s Cablofil Cablobend systems encompass wire mesh grid assemblies that can be easily and permanently bent for seamless cable runs at complicated, often-labor-intensive areas of cable management installations for data centers and larger commercial buildings. Offered in a variety of widths and combinations, Cablobend makes it easy to create nearly every bend needed with one product.

Leviton’s FLX-1 Technology, which is used with select Berk-Tek plenum cables, creates a more-flexible cable that is easier to work with at room temperature and cold temperatures. It exhibits less recoil memory and fewer stress marks. Introduced during the jacketing process using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, FLX-1 technology creates a streamlined installation experience that can’t be found with other cables. Leviton’s VXC Plenum Assembly is a smart option for terminating cables at wireless access points, video cameras, and other ceiling-mounted IoT devices. The Category 6A-rated assembly includes a VXC coupler that creates a durable connection without the need for punchdown or other proprietary tools. The VXC Coupler allows for use as a consolidation point with a cable at both ends or to terminate a patch cord to the end device.

MaxCell’s MaxWrap is a one-step process that reduces installation time and decreases pulling tension by absorbing pulling pressure. It provides significant protection to the cable sheath during cable pulls compared to the identical simulations in PVC pipe and PE subduct. This OSP fabric mesh solution can be applied around the cabling as it is pulled into the conduit, and can be used in both greenfield and brownfield installations.

NetAlly’s EtherScope nXG 300 Portable Network Expert is the first WiFi 6/6E troubleshooting, validation, and analysis solution with WPA3 and full spectrum analysis functionality. It enables engineers and technicians to get more done faster, from deployment to maintenance and documentation of their ever-changing WiFi and Ethernet access networks. With its simple operation combined with in-depth visibility and the ability to remotely access and control EtherScope nXG, engineers can fully enable and collaborate with “local hands” of field technicians at remote sites to expedite problem solving.

Netconnex’s Retyz originally was developed for Boeing, to provide a releasable tie product that would cinch tight but release easily to avoid cutting the ties off the plane’s wiring. Retyz not only saved Boeing from the damage they endured with other cable ties that needed to be cut off in order to be removed; it also improved the efficiency of the wiring process. In all, Retyz saved Boeing more than $2 million annually in cut-cable damages. Retyz is releasable and reusable. It is tool-free and does not need to be trimmed; its design allows for an easy tuck of the strap for future use and expansion.

Panduit garnered five gold Cabling Innovators Awards. The PanMPO Connector features an innovative push-pull boot to allow for easy installation and removal, as well as a small profile. Recent enhancements to the PanMPO enable it to allow changes of gender and polarity without additional tools. The connector’s alignment pins are permanently housed and protected inside the connector. Panduit’s FieldCord Connector is designed specifically to connect devices such as cameras and access points that have small openings for cords or plugs. Two versions of the connector are available: an unshielded version with plenum-rated cabling to connect in-ceiling devices; and a shielded version that can be used to connect devices outdoors in areas like building exteriors, parking lots and garages, or common areas. Both versions feature an RJ45 modular plug on one end in a form factor that fits into devices with small connector housings. The plug is attached to a Category 6A cable and has either a pre-attached splice connector or a loose splice connector. The FlexCore Optical Distribution Frame system offers maximum flexibility, manageability, security, and scalability. The versatile front-access cabling system provides the needed protection for critical connections. FlexCore enables a consolidated patch cord length (4 meters) to be used between a single, double, or quad (back-to-back double) frame arrangement, which frees up capital that is tied up in holding inventory, and ensures the customer always has the right parts on hand. It features 4RU Universal Enclosures equipped with 12 slidable trays that each accept cassettes. The SmartZone Uninterruptible Power Supply delivers highly efficient and reliable power protection and backup power for IT equipment. To continually meet the growing power demand of data center, enterprise, and edge IT equipment, the SmartZone UPS provides excellent electrical performance, intelligent battery management, enhanced intelligent monitoring, secure network functions, and a long lifespan for lithium units. OneMode is a passive media converter that increases the speed of legacy multimode-fiber cables by eliminating modal dispersion. It is designed to help meet the need for speed without having to rip-and-replace legacy infrastructure. Eliminating modal dispersion by manipulating singlemode laser light, OneMode reaches speeds of 10, 50, or even 100 Gbits/sec, providing a faster, more-economical and less-disruptive alternative to replacing legacy fiber.

Ripley Tools’ MB02-7000 All Purpose Cable Slitter performs accurate ring and longitudinal cuts on various dielectric cables up to 0.6 inches (15.25 mm) in diameter. The tool features a modular tray design that provides quick midspan and end stripping performance on a range of compatible cables. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in hand for easy operation without risk of injury. No adjustments are needed on the fixed, factory-set steel blades.

Siemon’s LightVerse Fiber Optic Cabling System is a fully integrated system of enclosures, plug-and-play modules, adapter plates, splice cassettes and splice trays, designed with the flexibility to adapt to nearly any network cabling and connectivity need. Designed on a unified platform approach, LightVerse allows a single, core set of enclosures to support wide-ranging fiber cabling applications and topologies across the data center, LAN, and IB/IoT environments.

Softing asks, “You carry your smartphone everywhere. It fits in your pocket, has a large screen, and has processing power to carry out many tasks. Why couldn’t a cable and network tester do that?” Its LinkXpert does. LinkXpert is a powerful copper, fiber, WiFi, PoE, cable, and network tester that is about the size of a smartphone with a screen as large as a smartphone. And it fits in your pocket. It prevents users from having to buy, learn, and support multiple testers to perform the many functions LinkXpert carries out.

STL’s Optotec Compact Optical Ribbon Closure is a low-profile splice closure designed to maximize storage within space-constrained locations. CORC2 specializes in the management of intermittently bonded ribbon (IBR) cables. The closures have an innovative loop storage basket, designed for the IBRs. The basket ensures optimal storage and management of the midspan and dark ribbon bundles. STL’s Celesta Intelligently Bonded Ribbon Optical Fiber Cable is high-density, comprising 6912 fibers that combine robust performance for duct installations with the productivity of high-count mass fusion splicing. The cables reduce rollout time, optimize duct space utilization, reduce the size of the passive network infrastructure, and improve network performance. By doing so, they reduce capital outlays and optimize project costs.

TREND Networks’ LanTEK IV-S Cable Certifier is a cloud-enabled copper and fiber certifier that enables 7-second autotest times. Doubling the power of the original LanTEK IV model, this certifier builds on the functionality and reliability of LanTEK IV with a new dual-core processor, new 3.0 operating system software, and twice as much memory, enabling 5000 tests to be saved. Its responsive touchscreen user interface is 42% quicker than previous generations. The TREND AnyWARE Cloud test management system has received a significant speed improvement, powered by Microsoft Azure.

Tripp Lite’s Spine-Leaf MPO Panels with Key-Up to Key-Down MTP/MPO Adapter overcomes the limitations of connecting the spine-and-leaf network architecture with breakout cassettes. The 1U panels use structured cabling and internalize a full-mesh, non-blocking fabric to eliminate cable clutter and reduce complexity. The spine ports in the front of the panels mate with spine switches, and the leaf ports in the rear mate with leaf switches. Tripp Lite’s Preloaded Fiber Panels and Patch Panels are an all-in-one cabling solution that simplify fiber-optic installations in data centers, labs, and colocation facilities. The panels solve the challenge of having the right length of cable for every piece of equipment. With preloaded panels and patch panels, installers can extend only the length of the cable they need, thereby eliminating cable slack and promoting organization in the rack.

Vertiv’s NetSure M Series with Intelligent Climate Control is an energy-efficient, robust, budget-friendly and corrosion-resistant outdoor enclosure for information and communications technology providers that uses Vertiv’s innovative Intelligent Climate Control thermal-management technology. The solution protects valuable IT equipment, meets regulatory requirements, and adjusts to environmental changes. When combined with Vertiv’s fan filter solutions, the technology set optimally supports heat loads up to 5200W at +50 degrees Celsius.

Wirewerks’ Fiber Cable Management Tray offers patent-pending fiber management features and significant fiber storage capacity. The tray provides two key capabilities and benefits to network operators. First, it introduces a cable management design that delivers improved fiber strain relief and reduced fiber disruption, resulting in better protection for individual fibers and increased reliability in the optical networks they support. Second, the Fiber Cable Management Tray’s innovative design increases fiber slack storage capacity in 1RU, maximizing valuable rack space in headends and data centers.

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