Breakthrough innovations honored with Platinum awards

Oct. 6, 2022
Three products, a program, and an installation project exemplify innovation.
Cabling Innovators Platinum

In the 2022 Cabling Innovators Awards, platinum level awards go to products, programs, and applications that are recognized as superb, offering groundbreaking approaches or establishing new levels of performance.

Five honorees—three products, a value-added program, and a case-study application—earned platinum-level honors in this year’s program.

Legrand’s Infinium acclAIM replaces preterminated cassette-based solutions with direct connections, which eliminates extra components and costs.

The GIGA School Program, introduced in Japan in 2018, is a $4.4 billion plan to digitize education for primary and secondary students. Kawachinagano City’s board of education, responsible for more than 6000 students across 20 school buildings, chose Panduit in part because of the small outside diameter of the Advanced MaTriX Category 6A cables.

Panduit’s RapidID Network Mapping System automates the labor-intensive and error-prone cable documentation process, resulting in a faster, easier way to place and trace cables and patch cords. It is a practical alternative to traditional manual approaches and is ideally suited for building a new telecom room, locating installed cabling, or replacing a network switch.

The Senko SN Uniboot Connector Series allows four SN or SN-MT connectors to be patched simultaneously in a single operation. It makes the SN connector faster and easier to mate and de-mate. The SN Uniboot provides immediate benefits to hyperscale data center operators that need to patch many thousands of fiber-optic connections within centralized patching fields.

Wesco’s Utility Grade Infrastructure framework—UTG10 and UTG20—was developed alongside multiple manufacturers, and tested and verified by UL, as a beyond-standards program to support connectivity and power for more devices and greater distance over 23-AWG, 4-pair cabling. UTG offers design guidance as well as cable bundling recommendations to support more Power over Ethernet applications while providing guaranteed performance that is specifiable anywhere in the world to protect design intent and simplify media selection.

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