Tools easing cable installation featured among Innovators Awards honorees

Oct. 7, 2022
Whether you’re going around a corner or around town, pulling cable from Point A to Point B can be a challenge. These Cabling Innovators Award recipients help make the job a little easier.

Coming from a brand called Cabling Installation & Maintenance, we’re pleased to see the significant presence of cable-installation tools and aids among the honorees in this year’s Cabling Innovators Awards program. Honorees span a wide range of capabilities and end-users, from the installer to the data center operator. But it particularly warms our hearts to see tools used in the proverbial trenches of cable installation receive the recognition they deserve.

Here are several Cabling Innovators Awards honorees you’ll find making work in the field a little easier for cable installers.

PulR’s Cable Pulling Adapters for Fiber Optic Patch Cords is a solution to challenges faced by cable installation technicians when pulling patch cords through walls, conduits, floors, overhead ceilings, behind baseboards, and other challenging routes inside a building. The product is a pluggable cable pulling adapter that can be easily field installed and removed at the end of a preconnectorized SC cord. It facilitates easy and safe pulls of FTTx patch cords through three-eighths-inch-diameter holes. It is engineered to grip on the outer sheath of a 4.8-mm-diameter patch cord. A rope pulling eye can be screwed to the PulR Adapter to help pulling into a 9.5-mm-diameter conduit.

Corning’s EDGE Rapid Connect solution was developed hand-in-hand with major data center operators to address a key challenge in the current environment: time. In the data center industry, time directly equates to money, so the faster a user can bring new data center capacity online, the faster that user’s path to revenue. EDGE Rapid Connect eliminates splicing, reduces pathway costs, and minimizes risk.

MaxCell’s MaxWrap is a one-step process that reduces installation time and decreases pulling tension by absorbing pulling pressure. It provides significant protection to the cable sheath during cable pulls compared to the identical simulations in PVC pipe and PE subduct. This OSP fabric mesh solution can be applied around the cabling as it is pulled into the conduit, and can be used in both greenfield and brownfield installations.

Leviton’s FLX-1 Technology, which is used with select Berk-Tek plenum cables, creates a more-flexible cable that is easier to work with at room temperature and cold temperatures. It exhibits less recoil memory and fewer stress marks. Introduced during the jacketing process using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, FLX-1 technology creates a streamlined installation experience that can’t be found with other cables.

Legrand’s Cablofil Cablobend systems encompass wire mesh grid assemblies that can be easily and permanently bent for seamless cable runs at complicated, often-labor-intensive areas of cable management installations for data centers and larger commercial buildings. Offered in a variety of widths and combinations, Cablobend makes it easy to create nearly every bend needed with one product.

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