2024 Cabling Innovators Awards Nominations Open

April 5, 2024
Organizations across the ICT industry can nominate themselves or others for recognition in the innovation of products, applications, and programs.

The 2024 Cabling Innovators Awards program is now open for submissions. Now in its 10th year, the program recognizes organizations and people who drive the ICT industry forward. It awards ingenuity and innovation wherever it is found in the value chain of cabling-system specification, design, installation, and administration.

Organizations can nominate themselves for consideration, which is the norm, or nominate others. Cabling Installation & Maintenance charges an entry fee for all submissions. Entries go before a judging panel, which comprises industry professionals with in-the-field experience. The panel evaluated each entry based on the following six criteria.

  • Innovative approach to product, system, program or project design and implementation
  • Value to the user, which can be measured by qualities including return on investment, loss prevention, or business-efficiency gains
  • Sustainability, characterized by overall eco-friendliness, long-term value, or lifecycle cost-effectiveness
  • Meeting a defined need as a well-conceived and well-executed initiative that fully meets specific user requirements
  • Collaboration, which can include communication and cooperation throughout the value chain through which the entry was developed, produced, procured, or deployed
  • Impact, recognized as the difference that an innovation makes on the professionals involved, on the productivity of its ultimate users, or on society as a whole

Based on the judges’ evaluations, worthy applicants will be recognized as having achieved Silver, Gold, or Platinum status for their innovations. Recipients of Cabling Innovators Awards silver-level honors show marked improvement over previous methods, approaches, or use of systems and products. Gold-level awards are earned by organizations whose innovations are judged to be excellent, and whose benefits are clear. Each gold-level innovation makes a substantial improvement over previous methods employed, approaches taken, or products and systems used. Platinum awards are judged to be superb innovations, characterized by a groundbreaking approach to meeting a need, or establishing a new level of performance, efficiency, ease-of-use, and other beneficial qualities.

You can find complete information on our Cabling Innovators Awards program, including instructions for submitting an entry, here.

You can see coverage of the 2023 Cabling Innovators Awards program here.

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