Multi-function wire stripper easily cuts, crimps 8-26 AWG

May 30, 2019
Jonard Tools now offers its WSC-826 multi-function wire stripper.
Wsc 826

New from Jonard Tools, the WSC-826 is a multi-function wire stripper designed to cut and strip wire from 8 - 26 AWG (10 mm² - 0.013 mm²) without any adjustments needed.

According to Jonard, the WSC-826 is ideal for stripping Romex 12 and 14 AWG cables and most stranded or solid conductors.

The tool integrates a wire cutter and crimper for non-insulated terminals. Its handy adjustable wire stop is designed to ensure precise and consistent results. 

A special micro adjustment knob allows the tool to work on cables as small as 30 AWG and as large as 8 AWG.

The crimper portion of the tool works on non-insulated terminals from 10 to 22 AWG, and there is a separate crimper for crimping 7 mm to 8 mm ignition wires.

View full product specifications and data sheet.

This short video takes a tour of the Jonard Tools booth at a recent ISC West Show in Las Vegas, as the company showcases its innovative, high quality products for the VDV and Security & Alarm industries.

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