Cosemi's 18G HDMI All-Fiber dongle enables 4K/8K video

Cosemi says its pluggable 18G HDMI All-Fiber dongle was developed for applications seeking to take advantage of multimode fiber in existing infrastructures.

Cosemi Hdmi All Fiber Solution

At last week's InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, FL, Cosemi Technologies introduced a new video interconnect designed to deliver perfect picture and audio quality at 4K/60 Hz, 4:4:4; with HDR support. Cosemi says its pluggable 18G HDMI All-Fiber dongle was developed for applications seeking to take advantage of multimode fiber in existing infrastructures, such as those found in education, medical and corporate enterprise environments.

Per the company: "Cosemi’s active optical cables (AOCs) bring the unparalleled benefits of fiber optics to a broader audience and greater range of applications, enabling connectivity that is no longer limited by short, bulky copper cables. As more market segments start to adopt powerful, high-speed photonic connections, Cosemi continues to innovate and customize its solutions for video interconnects."

The company adds, "For example, in environments where long distances are needed and/or when a fiber infrastructure already exists, leveraging the already-installed infrastructure and sending uncompressed 4K video across a fiber-only application is often the best course of action. This is due to the fact that routing fiber-only cables behind walls where a fiber infrastructure already exists is a far simpler process than using copper or hybrid cables."

With this in mind, Cosemi developed its new All-Fiber HDMI 2.0 dongle solution as a comprehensive interconnect for 4K/8K video – at lengths ranging from tens of feet to thousands of feet. Cosemi says the new product synergistically extends its lineup of hybrid HDMI AOCs by aggregating high-speed video and HDMI control low-speed signals over standard MPO based multimode fiber cables. Key features of the new dongle include: plug-and-play installation; ability to field terminate; field-upgradable (replace dongles); long fiber extension supports in-wall fiber connections without extra cabling; and isolation from Electrical Magnetic Interference (EMI).

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At InfoComm, Cosemi also introduced its new 8K DisplayPort AOC matrix switcher. Cosemi’s DP1.4 switcher supports one-to-many or many-to-one modes – and is the first switcher to do so for 8K applications using active optical cables, claims the company.

“While other all-fiber point solutions exist in the market, they lack the broad portfolio of HDMI, DisplayPort and USB I/O solutions – as well as the price performance balance Cosemi provides,” commented Samir Desai, Cosemi’s senior vice president of business development. “InfoComm is the ideal venue to demonstrate our continued commitment to providing best-in-class interconnects for any and all ultra high-definition video experiences.”

Added Adrian Collins, Cosemi’s marketing director, “The concept of switchers in the pro AV market is viewed as fully acceptable and needed architecture. Cosemi’s video communication (vcom) switch platforms focus on compatibility including plug-and-play hybrid AOCs or all-fiber dongle solutions. This ensures that new fiber-based infrastructure will seamlessly merge with the one-to-many-port requirements of the pro AV, medical and enterprise markets. At InfoComm, we are launching a full 8K-capable switch that demonstrates our high-bandwidth switching platform integrated with an AOC. This solution enables OEMs and channel partners to design custom configurations.”

Cosemi will begin sampling its new HDMI All-Fiber solution with key partners in Q2 2019, with mass production planned for Q3 2019. To learn more, visit

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