ATEN's pro AV, KVM lines are integrated with Bosch's network conference system

Jan. 27, 2020
To satisfy customers’ needs for intelligent control of meetings, connectivity and AV specialist ATEN has chose to cooperate with Bosch, a leader in business meeting applications.

ATEN Technology, Inc. announced that its Pro AV and KVM products will now be integrated with Bosch’s Digital Congress Network (DCN) Conference System, allowing users to custom-build conference and meeting technology needed for the development of modern enterprises.  

ATEN's series of intelligent control systems includes its VK2100 control box; VK1100 compact control box; VK224 4-port serial expansion box; and VK6000 configurator software, designed to integrate with all kinds of AV meeting equipment. With the integration of Bosch’s digital discussion systems – including the DICENTIS, DCN and CCS1000D models – ATEN hardware will now manage the meeting systems through one-touch operation.

New features for the Bosch digital discussion systems to become available via the ATEN products' integration include: activation status of all microphones shown on the control system interface; chairperson’s microphone priority settings can be managed, including turning the speaker’s microphone on and off and indicating the status of awaiting speakers; other parameter settings, including microphone sensitivity. In addition, the ATEN hardware also integrates with third-party equipment. Via this capability, users can: track a speaker’s movement with conference cameras; adjust AV settings according to different meeting scenarios; and integrate and automate environmental equipment such as lighting, air conditioning and curtains.

A representative for ATEN commented, "With ATEN’s and Bosch’s existing strength and experience in the AV industry, ATEN customers using the new integrated control solutions can gradually enhance their meeting technology and reinforce global competitiveness. Through control, data sharing and pro AV management, the efficiency of meetings can be optimized and therefore lead to enhanced corporate competitiveness. As we enter the era of big data and information fragmentation, enterprises will have to enhance their reaction efficiency and decision quality to cope with variable competition. Thus, a meeting that could accelerate decision-making and improve team engagement could be the key to success."

ATEN states that it will continue working with Bosch in the future "to develop new business values through assisting enterprises’ transformation to intelligent meeting control." For more information about ATEN control systems, visit:

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