Research finds nearly 30% of smart homes equipped with surveillance cameras

June 8, 2020
Surveillance cameras rank as the second-most popular smart home device, just behind smart thermostats, according to new research from Strategy Analytics.

According to research published in Strategy Analytics' new report “Smart Home Survey – Surveillance Cameras,” surveillance cameras can be found in nearly a third of all smart homes in the US, UK, Germany, and France.

In terms of brand, consumers across the four countries included in Strategy Analytics’ survey mentioned cameras from Nest, Amazon (via Blink and Ring), and Arlo most frequently.

Jack Narcotta, senior industry analyst at Strategy Analytics’ Smart Home Strategies advisory service, commented, “Surveillance cameras have found a place in millions of smart homes, in spite of concerns over privacy and hacking, which suggests the benefits outweigh the risks for many consumers."

In the US, the millions of subscribers to residential interactive security services placed cameras from ADT and Vivint in the top five brands. In the UK, Hive cameras offered by Centrica Connected Home were marginally more popular than Nest and Arlo.

The brand landscape in Germany and France was similar in diversity, with many smaller Chinese and regional European brands mentioned with the same frequency as Nest, Arlo, and Amazon.

"Surveillance cameras’ popularity among consumers is driven more by what the devices do and less by what software features or which hardware components the devices are equipped with," added Narcotta. "The two most powerful purchasing drivers for surveillance cameras are how they help consumers feel secure and how they give consumers peace of mind to know their families and homes are safe.”

Strategy Analytics reports that the surveillance camera is the second-most popular device overall in smart homes. Popularity of surveillance cameras in the US, UK, and Germany came in just behind smart thermostats; in France, surveillance cameras were slightly more popular than smart thermostats.

Additionally, the research finds that on average, 60 percent of all smart homes in these countries with at least one camera have two or more cameras.

“Surveillance cameras are potent assets smart home companies can use to attract new customers, as they provide consumers the feelings of safety and security in and around their homes, a potentially powerful value proposition that can be replicated in all markets," concludes Bill Ablondi, director of Strategy Analytics’ Smart Home Strategies advisory service. "Those benefits, however, will become more challenging for some brands to promote as cameras become more of a mass market smart home device. Brands will need to create innovative features to help them find solid footing to compete with Nest, Amazon, and Arlo.”

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