5G broadcast/multicast -enabled transmitters boost live video streaming

Dec. 9, 2020
The Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) Tx9 and Tx9evo transmitters can open pathways to 5G broadcast and multicast business opportunities.

In what the company calls "a strategically important announcement that could see the widespread international adoption of 5G broadcast / multicast" capabilities," Rohde & Schwarz (R&S), a global specialist in TV and radio terrestrial transmission, has announced two 5G broadcast-enabled transmitters in the form of the field-proven R&S Tx9 and Tx9evo transmitter series.

In addition, for existing R&S transmitter users, the migration to 5G broadcast/multicast capability can be achieved through a software upgrade and minor hardware upgrade. The company contends that access to 5G broadcast/multicast services "opens up entirely new business models, such as venue-casting, ultra-high-quality live video streaming, live commerce and over-the-air software updates/upgrades."

As further stated by the company's product announcement:

Worldwide, most terrestrial transmitter networks have been upgraded to digital transmission technology. As the global market leader, R&S transmitters have earned the reputation of being the most advanced, energy-efficient transmitters on the market – now Rohde & Schwarz is offering users a straightforward migration pathway to the world of 5G Broadcast & Multicast. Also, Rohde &Schwarz is a leading manufacturer of electronic Test & Measurement and communications equipment. Network operators use this equipment to successfully install, maintain and optimize broadcast networks of all types, making R&S a very effective and reliable 5G broadcast partner.

The company observes that via use of its broadcast and/or multicast over 5G technology, network operators can deliver premium content to mobile consumers "while they are still attached to cellular networks, with consistent high quality of service (QoS) and higher quality of experience (QoE) within an overlay concept. From an architectural perspective, 5G Broadcast/Multicast is a key pillar of the new 5G ecosystem," adds the product statement, while also noting, "it is composed of a Broadcast/Multicast Radio Access Network (RAN) and a Broadcast/Multicast Core Network (CN)."

Compliant with 3GPP Rel.14/16, the R&S 5G Broadcast/Multicast RAN solution is mainly based on the new Tx9 and Tx9evo transmitter range across all output powers. However, for existing transmitter customers, depending on the solution already implemented, a software and/or hardware upgrade will be sufficient to acquire the new 3GPP specifications.

“Rohde & Schwarz transmitters set the benchmark for power efficiency. With some of the largest installations worldwide and a history in RF transmission going back to 1933, we have the experience required for your transmission needs,“ comments Manfred Reitmeier, Vice President Transmitters and Amplifier Systems at Rohde & Schwarz. “A wide range of highly innovative broadcast transmitters – including the Tx9 and Tx9evo - provide a distribution system that is ideal for 5G broadcast / multicast content distribution."

Learn more at www.rohde-schwarz.com.

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