Calix, Arlo team to deliver connected camera managed services

Aug. 26, 2021
Adding the Arlo Secure internet-connected camera platform as a turnkey service in its EDGE Suites offering makes it easy for broadband service providers to offer a "very sticky" managed service for subscribers while increasing revenue, says Calix.

Arlo Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: ARLO), an internet-connected camera brand, this month announced the rollout of expanded availability of its products and services through its strategic partnership with cloud and software platforms, systems and services giant Calix (NYSE: CALX).

As a result of the partnership, tens of millions of subscribers across the U.S. will have access to Arlo's advanced security products and services as part of their overall managed WiFi experience through more than 1,600 trusted Broadband Service Providers (BSP). Calix concurrently announced the availability of Arlo Secure as a premium service offering for BSPs within its EDGE Suites, the cloud-enabled ecosystem of applications available as part of the company's full Revenue EDGE solution.

The companies note that, via their partnership, BSPs in the U.S. can now offer a state-of-the-art connected security camera solution by Arlo Technologies as a fully managed, revenue-generating service accessible within the Calix EDGE Suites.

The new turnkey offering leverages the close integration of Arlo Secure into the Calix Cloud platform, enabling BSPs to easily onboard and manage new subscribers through existing billing platforms. By tapping the diagnostic insights of Calix Support Cloud and the real-time behavioral data of Calix Marketing Cloud, BSPs that offer Arlo Secure "can quickly and easily add a sticky, high-demand service that generates new revenue streams, builds their brand, and grows their business," contends Calix.

Part of the Calix Revenue EDGE Partner Ecosystem, Arlo's do-it-yourself (DIY) connected security solution for smart homes includes Wi-Fi-enabled cameras, video doorbells, and floodlights.

As noted by an Arlo statement:

Self-installation of DIY security systems is on the rise, making up 55% of the market in 2020, up from 40% in 20181. The Arlo and Calix partnership ensures customers interested in joining this market are able to work with their local BSPs to maximize their security. Arlo's expansive collection of smart, easy-to-install indoor and outdoor security cameras, video doorbells and Arlo Secure subscription plans enables home and small business owners to experience added peace of mind and protection.

"Consumers living outside major metropolitan areas oftentimes have difficulty accessing the latest technology available through national retailers," said Lily Knowles, SVP Sales, Marketing and Customer Care at Arlo Technologies, Inc. "We're excited for our strategic partnership with Calix to enable wider distribution of Arlo's award-winning smart home security products and services, allowing more consumers to securely monitor their properties and loved ones."

Calix said it is "excited to broaden access to Arlo's award-winning smart home security solutions through the trusted advisory of the continuously growing Calix BSP community."

"Our partnership with Arlo truly opens a world of new possibilities for our customers, who are committed to providing premium service offerings that consumers want and need," said Michael Weening, president and COO, Calix. "The effortless integration of Arlo's award-winning collection of products and services as part of the Calix portfolio enables our BSP customers to cost-effectively and easily transform their businesses, differentiate their brand, and own the subscriber relationship. This is an amazing step in our journey and will enable us to execute on our mission to help BSPs simplify their business, excite their subscribers, and grow their value."

Calix notes it markets and sells its cloud and software platforms, systems and services to BSPs spanning all sizes of broadband subscriber count, from a few hundred to more than six million. BSPs in the U.S. can now offer Arlo's connected camera solutions and Arlo Secure security subscription services as a fully managed, revenue-generating service delivered directly within its EDGE Suites, the cloud-enabled ecosystem of applications available as part of the full Calix Revenue EDGE solution. This turnkey offering leverages the seamless integration of Arlo Secure into its platform, enabling easy onboarding and new subscription management.

“We’re excited to broaden access to Arlo’s award-winning, smart home security solutions through the trusted advisory of the Calix BSP community,” said Tejas Shah, chief information officer of Arlo. “Demand for our award-winning security devices continues to grow alongside the need for connected and secure Wi-Fi solutions. Through our partnership with Calix, BSPs can now exclusively offer a fully managed, premium connected camera service, allowing more homeowners and businesses to securely monitor their properties and loved ones.”

“Calix has created a business model that is purpose-built to help BSPs compete to win,” asserted Paul Griswold, president and CEO of Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Company. “As a family-owned business for five generations, we have seen how the competitive landscape has been transformed by big-box outlets and online retailers. The availability of new premium services such as Arlo Secure is another tool for us to differentiate our brand and provide subscribers with the services they want and need, without selling them out to consumer giants.”

“Our partner ecosystem hands Revenue EDGE Suites applications such as Arlo Secure to BSPs on a silver platter, allowing a BSP of any size to deploy the value-added service to their subscribers in days with almost zero testing and integration, as Calix and Arlo have done all the work,” said Matt Collins, chief marketing officer at Calix. “More importantly, the behavioral insights from Marketing Cloud are what set EDGE Suites apart, by identifying the right audience segments with the highest propensity to buy Arlo Secure and targeting them with campaigns that are personalized with market activation resources, using high ROI channels such as Facebook and Mailchimp to drive the highest possible revenue growth while reducing churn. We are excited to bring our partnership with a premium brand like Arlo to market-enabling BSPs of all sizes and look forward to offering additional premium offerings in the near future as we continue to expand the Revenue Edge ecosystem of BSP solutions.”

The new partner offering will be available beginning August 20, 2021. For more information on the full range of Arlo smart home security products and services, visit