Platinum Tools’ parent company acquires TechLogix Networx

Nov. 15, 2021
The acquisition will expand Platinum Tools’ portfolio to include fiber-optic technology, including solutions for Pro AV.

NSI Technologies, the parent company of Platinum Tools, recently acquired TechLogix Networx, a Madison, WI-based manufacturer of fiber-optic technologies. “This acquisition will help NSI support its distributors’ and their clients’ transition from copper-based solutions into the fiber-optic technologies that our world demands today,” NSI said when announcing the acquisition.

In business since 1975, NSI’s portfolio includes Platinum Tools, Bridgeport Fittings, Polaris, TORK, WarriorWrap Professional Tape, Terminator Premium Wire Connectors, RHINO Safety, and now TechLogix Networx.

“The acquisition of TechLogix helps support both our copper and fiber-optic distribution in the pro AV and telecommunications categories, which, combined with Platinum Tools, makes up a core component of our overall growth strategy,” said G.R. Schrotenboer, NSI Industries’ chief executive officer. “This is a terrific acquisition on multiple levels. NSI Industries now enters an emerging technology space using fiber optics to help deliver faster communication speeds. Plus, we now have two industry thought leaders joining our team, and we are gaining IP in an important and emerging vertical market. We are excited to welcome the TechLogix team into our core leadership group.” “TechLogix is very excited to join the NSI family,” added Cameron Smith, TechLogix Networks CEO and co-founder. “With an already diverse product portfolio and as our product categories continue to grow at an exponential rate, NSI provides us the resources to properly service the industry in both the short- and long-term. TechLogix will both add new solutions to NSI’s portfolio as well ad expand upon current brand and product offerings.”    

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