D9 Technologies, Gradient Cyber forge security operations as a service (SOCaaS) pact

July 12, 2022
New partnership enables the firms' joint customers to protect their businesses from potentially crippling cyber-attacks.

Gradient Cyber (Austin, Tex.) a provider of security operations as a service (SOCaaS) and extended detection and response (XDR) services, on July 12 announced that it has formed a business partnership with D9 Technologies.

The new partnership brings together Gradient Cyber’s 24/7 SOCaaS maintenance capabilities with D9’s managed-services capabilities to provide turnkey security assessments, 24/7 security monitoring, disaster recovery, and business continuity services.

Gradient Cyber's stated mandate is to serve small and mid-market enterprises "concerned about cybersecurity but lacking the staff to give it the attention it deserves."

"For a fraction of the cost of hiring one cyber analyst, we’ll improve your security, so you don’t have to think about it anymore," added the firm's press release. "We’ll tell you what you need to know, what needs to be done, and eliminate the noise. We’re the only SOCaaS provider with 24/7 cybersecurity expertise, a SecOps delivery platform for threat detection across your IT infrastructure, and diagnostics to strengthen your security even when there are no threat alerts."

“Around the clock security with XDR capabilities are mission-critical today, especially given the complete reliance most companies have on their digital communications infrastructures,” noted Steve Chappell, CEO, Gradient Cyber. “Our partnership with D9 will be good for both our businesses. More important, it will bring 24/7 security operations to companies that need greater protection for their business operations.”

For its part, D9 Technologies' mission statement is as follows, "From cybersecurity to cameras and cabling, from network health checks and managed services to hardware and software, we help our customers establish the secure, stable, and reliable IT environments they want and need. We have the experience and the tools to identify specific threats, perform advanced security testing, monitor vulnerabilities, and mitigate the risks all businesses face today."

"From specific threats to advanced security testing, Gradient Cyber helps us bring the tools and resources we need to assess vulnerabilities and mitigate risks to our customers,” added Eric Brown, EVP, operations, at D9. “This partnership provides the right mix of cybersecurity technology, expertise, and processes to deliver on our commitment to delivering the right technologies, at the right time, for our customers.”

Via the press statement, the firms said the new partnership will help their joint customers secure and stabilize their IT environments, the better to protect their businesses from potentially crippling cyber-attacks.

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