Eastern DataComm tasks school district stakeholders on emergency response

Nov. 2, 2022
Eastern DataComm is sharing its school security insights this month in a free webinar entitled, "Why Apps Are Not Enough."

Eastern DataComm announced that it is doing its part to foster safer school environments with its latest efforts to inform school and district leaders on a recent emergency notification and response trend that the company contends has some serious limitations: Application-based emergency notification solutions. In light of this contention, the company is sharing its insight this month in a webinar entitled, "Why Apps Are Not Enough."

As stated by Eastern DataComm, "As our country grapples with school shootings nationwide, it is becoming a hard-learned, but valuable lesson for many school administrators and law enforcement officials that effective lockdown response goes far beyond just a phone app-based notification system."

The live, interactive webinar presentation will explore the complexities and vulnerabilities that many schools experience when it comes to their emergency response during events that warrant a lockdown, such as an active shooter event.

As noted by Eastern DataComm, whether those complexities include a building with poor cellphone reception (a common issue in many school buildings), access to applications by visitors or substitutes, limited phone access during classes like labs or physical education, or even guidelines for students and educators that impact their access to cell phones during the school day, the webinar will explore the many intricacies that make application-only solutions ineffective in providing comprehensive emergency notification.

The presentation will also highlight how a holistic approach to creating the school safety ecosystem "can make all the difference when every second counts." The complimentary educational program will offer practical guidance for designing a lockdown and emergency response system that suits the unique needs of the school or district.

From choosing efficiency and effectiveness of response as the priority over so-called "security theater," to identifying the key aspects of an effective, integrated emergency notification and response solution, the company said the webinar will highlight where app-only approaches fall short, and that "participants will learn what it really takes to keep a campus and school community safe."

Eastern DataComm's "Why Apps Are Not Enough" educational webinar will be offered free of charge on the 3 dates/times listed below:

  • Tuesday, November 15th at 12 pm EST
  • Wednesday, November 16th at 1 pm EST
  • Thursday, November 17th at 2 pm EST

To learn more and reserve your place, visit the webinar registration page.

Based in Hackensack, New Jersey, Eastern DataComm is a full-service safety and communications firm that specializes in emergency notification systems, VoIP solutions, video surveillance, wireless networking, network security, and structured wiring. With over 30 years of providing technology solutions to hundreds of school districts throughout the metropolitan tri-state area, the company has received numerous accolades in industry. From individual school buildings, to large, multi-site campuses, Eastern DataComm offers its proprietary Lockdown and Emergency Notification System and continuous monitoring service, LENS + OPTICS, as a holistic, customizable, and integrated solution for emergency response and notification. To learn more, visit https://easterndatacomm.com.

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