Atlona Releses New Switchers to Improve Presentation and Collaboration

March 8, 2024
Atlona’s two new Omega Series switchers are made with meeting and education spaces in mind.

As part of its Omega Series of AV presentation and collaboration products, Atlona has come out with two new 3x1 switchers best suited for meeting and learning environments. These switchers are the AT-OME-CS31-SA (three HDMI inputs) and AT-OME-CS31-SA-HDBT (one HDBaseT input and two HDMI inputs) which combine AV switching, USB routing, audio mixing, amplification, and control.

The OME-CS31-SA and OME-CS31-SA-HDBT have a similar feature set, with key differences in AV switching and USB capabilities to meet certain requirements. The OME-CS1-SA is made for local switching applications that have its inputs close to the switcher and display, i.e. a classroom where the instructor’s desk is close to the front wall. The OME-CS31-SA-HDBT is ideal for remote and local AV switching and is in turn most effective when an input is farther away from the switcher, i.e. at an instructor’s lectern in the room or if the switcher is projector mounted. The remote input of the OME-CS31-SA-HDBT utilizes extension of HDMI, Ethernet, power, control, and USB 2.0 data up to a maximum of 100 meters or 330 feet.

Both switchers add special features for education applications that make sure important lesson material and announcements are heard accurately. “This includes audio ducking which lowers program audio levels when the instructor speaks into a microphone system connected to the balanced input. Additionally, the system can be muted by contact closure or automatically when a school public address announcement is detected.” Other audio features are an on-board mixer for merging three line inputs, de-embedded HDMI, and USB audio and a 2 x 25 watt amplifier as well as line level outputs. 

USB routing features are best for corporate and education applications. The OME-CS31 models allow for switching between two host devices and have a four-port hub for connecting cameras, speakerphones, interactive displays, and more. Automatic display control and auto-switching make it so that the OME-CS31-SA and OME-CS31-SA-HDBT automate system operation over their multitude of Ethernet, serial, and trigger ports, or either one can be introduced into spaces with an Atlona Velocity control system. 

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