MultiDyne’s openGear Series Opens Gate to IP Networks

March 26, 2024
MultiDyne’s MDoG openGear Series meets standards while allowing for the management of uncompressed and compressed signals that are moving between IP networks and legacy systems.

MultiDyne will be launching its new openGear series solutions at NAB 2024 between April 14th and the 17th that aids customers in creating stronger bridges between SDI and IP. “The new MDoG Series offers SMPTE ST 2110 network interface and low-latency JPEG-XS codec modules to efficiently manage uncompressed and compressed signals as they move between legacy systems and IP networks, with full redundancy to optimize performance.”

The MDoG-6060 modules are MultiDyne’s first IP Gateway solutions for uncompressed ST 2110 networks. The modules have wide bandwidth with their SDI-to-IP network interface and “optimize throughput for uncompressed 4K and HD video transport”. The gateways come in varying I/O configurations for 3G-SDI (3x3, 6x2 and 2x6) and 12G-SDI (1x1, 2x0 and 0x2) systems. Every configuration has two 25 GB network interfaces to support redundant transport streams and meet SMPTE ST 2022-7 compliance.

Frank Jachetta, CEO of MultiDyne, stated, “One of our core strengths is helping our customers managing the throughput of video, audio and data signals in almost any scenario imaginable inside studios, onboard trucks and out in the field, and packaging high signal densities for reliable transport. Our latest openGear solutions are ideal for broadcasters in need of transitional tools that allow them to use their traditional gear in modernized media facilities.”

The MultiDyne modules provide high-density signal transport in areas where uncompressed transport is unavailable. Both the encoders and devices give low-latency compression or decompression of up to two channels of 12G-DSI along with ST 2022-7 redundancy over dual 10GB network interfaces.

Jesse Foster, VP of Products and Western Sales at MultiDyne, said, “Two uncompressed 12G transport streams will use all of bandwidth available in a 25G ST 2110 pipe. JPEG-XS compression establishes 20 times the efficiency over that pipe, using a fraction of the bandwidth with no noticeable latency of loss of visual quality. The optimized bandwidth usage translates to much lower costs for broadcasters, while content creators benefit from the codec’s low latency encoding and decoding capabilities for their live productions.”

MDoG Series modules are programmable and can be easily added to current openGear frames with other cards and are SNMP-compatible for IP-based network monitoring and management.  

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