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Auto-image adjusting CCTV balun; Small-form-factor transceiver for GbE; Mini-coax for console wiring; MORE...

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Auto-image adjusting CCTV balun

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Designed for closed-circuit television (CCTV) installations, the VideoEase LongRange active receiver balun is billed as a "plug-and-forget" distance extender for security and surveillance applications. LongReach supports up to 5,000 feet of video coverage via Category 5 cable when ..used with MuxLab's passive CCTV balun at the camera end, thereby eliminating the need for an active transmitter balun. The product is designed to automatically adjust picture sharpness and luminosity regardless of cable length. LongReach is suited for school campuses, airports, manufacturing facilities, and parking lots. It supports NTSC and PAL television broadcast standards, and features diagnostic LEDs that indicate the presence of power, video, and ground loop problems. Connecting directly to a DVR, CCTV multiplexer, or switcher, the device is powered by a standard 24-V AC power source (not included).

Small-form-factor transceiver for GbE

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Billed as the industry's first small-form-factor-pluggable (SFP) transceiver offering Gigabit Ethernet speeds over Category 5 cable, this device uses a ..conventional 8-pin modular interface that fits into industry-standard, MSA-compliant SFP equipment. The transceiver is designed to eliminate the need for a copper or fiber cabling upgrade to achieve gigabit, bi-directional communication. The manufacturer says its transceiver is ideal for LAN backbones or drops of up to 325 feet where gigabit performance is needed over Category 5 cable. The device, compliant with industry standards including IEEE 802.3 1000Base-T, operates from a single 3.3-V power supply, and is packaged in a die cast metal housing designed to inhibit EMI and RFI.

Mini-coax for console wiring

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The 75-Ω CVC-MC25HR mini-coax cable is designed for high-end video applications. Constructed of a 25-AWG ..solid bare copper center conductor and an aluminum foil shield, followed by a 95% tinned copper braid for 100% shielding, the mini-coax is especially suited for rack and console wiring. The UL-approved cable is available in 500- or 1,000-foot spools with sequential foot markings for easier termination.

Network connectors offer design flexibility

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Designed for use on N+1 power supply and inverter systems for server, telecommunications, and network applications, the 35-W and 75-W Power Drawer connectors let you cross-mate with a competitive product, offering a wide variety of design options. The 75-W device can be configured with up to four 8-AWG, nine 12-AWG, and twenty-four 20-AWG contacts. Pin and ..socket contacts are available with crimp, solder cup, or PCB termination. The 35-A device can be configured with up to eight 12-AWG contacts and twenty-one 20-AWG contacts. Pin contacts can be specified for first-mate and last-mate connections, so that the electronic system can be grounded and electronically verified power circuits can be energized.

Cable support via bridle ring saddles

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Available in 2-inch and 4-inch versions, bridle ring saddles are designed for versatile cable support on a variety of structures. The saddle, with protective rounded edges, can be attached to the bridle ring before or after an installation. ..The 2-inch version is available separately for jobsite installation. Both versions with ring and saddle are available in quantities of 50; 2-inch saddles can be purchased separately in quantities of 100.

Structured cabling line comes home

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Carlon has introduced a family of structured cabling management products for residential applications, both new construction and retrofit. Included are a wide array of cabling boxes and brackets, flexible raceway, floor boxes, fittings, and accessories. Each item comes in orange for easy low-voltage identification.

Enclosure blower is really cool

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A collaborative effort between Delphi Thermal Solutions Group and Chatsworth Products, the CPI Delphi Enclosure Blower is designed to lower heat by up to 15° F, with 40 to 50% more cooling efficiency than traditional solutions. On a raised floor, the blower delivers the coldest plenum air directly to the server fronts ..where cooling air intakes are located. On a solid floor, the blower assists cooling by routing the colder air from the floor up to the equipment air intakes. Designed for 50,000 hours of service life, the blower features a backward-inclined fan in a 20-pound polymer housing. The unit is rack-mountable in any industry-standard 19-inch enclosure, and requires only 2 RMUs or less of space.

Mission-critical UPS for tight spaces

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The compact SU1500RTXL2U—the latest edition to the SmartOnline UPS series—features a 2-RMU design with: customized load management receptacles, online double conversion technology designed to generate pure sine wave AC output at all times, expandable battery runtime with additional ..external battery packs, a built-in RS-232 port for managing multiple servers over IP using existing network wiring, PowerAlert software for unattended shutdown, a 2-RMU design, and six UPS receptacles.

You've got to see this layout

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After selecting your rack and enclosure system needs at Middle Atlantic Products' Web site, you can download the free RackTools software program to create line drawings of your installation. Based on the Visio platform, with which high-quality ..elevation drawings can be created, RackTools lets you drag-and-drop Middle Atlantic's products into systems drawings to quickly create proposals and layouts. Visio shapes for networking equipment and other components can be included, letting you create complete drawings of configured racks and enclosures.

Staying in focus with Category 5

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Using a series of transmitters and receivers connected with Category 5 or Category 5e cable, the C5 Series are video distributor and extender devices that help maintain ..high resolution of closed-circuit video over long distances. XGA resolution computer video may be extended up to 450 feet without loss of resolution or image quality, while component video, S-Video, and composite video can be extended up to 2,000 feet. The devices, ideal for information-connecting displays in hotels, museums, convention centers, airports, and factories, feature multiple configurations for point-to-point, looping daisy chain, and hub-and-spoke distribution.

Flame-retardant fiber

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Corning PM Flame Retardant specialty fiber is a 400-µm UV-coated fiber that's buffered to 900 µm with a polyester-elastomer coating. It has flammability classification in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories' ..UL94. The result is a buffered fiber with a VW-1 end product flammability classification in accordance with UL1581. The manufacturer says the fiber combines superior polarization-maintaining (PM) properties, low attenuation and excellent birefringence designed for low-flammability telecom applications.

Saving the day for GbE networks

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The GigE Reduntant Twister offers both primary and back-up links between two network switches, routers or bridges to help ..ensure network reliability, minimize downtime, and maintain the security of Gigabit Ethernet backbones. The twister monitors links between network devices and automatically switches to the backup link when the primary link fails, then restores the primary link when its status returns to normal. GigE Redundant Twister is available as a line card for the proprietary platform, and as a standalone for premise applications.

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