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The FO-VFL fiber-optic visual fault locator, part of the Miller brand of products, is a slim pen-style 650-nm red visible laser diode device for singlemode and multimode fibers.

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Fiber visual fault locator

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The FO-VFL fiber-optic visual fault locator, part of the Miller brand of products, is a slim pen-style 650-nm red visible laser diode device for singlemode and multimode fibers. Designed to detect fiber breaks, leaks, stress points, and faulty connectors, the FO-VFL features a universal connector that accepts any optical connector style with 2.5-mm ferrule, such as FC, SC, ST, E2000, and APC. The LED indicates function status, including on/off, continuous laser mode, pulse laser mode, and low battery. An additional power button prevents accidentally activating the laser and draining the batteries. Two 1.5-volt AAA batteries and a vinyl carrying case are included.

2-in-1 fiber patch cable

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Uniboot fiber-optic patch cable places both simplex fibers into one jacket while terminating into a duplex LC or SC connector. While typical fiber-optic cables use a zip-cord approach, which means that both fibers are jacketed separately for a total typical jacket size of 6 mm, the Uniboot reduces the entire width of the cables to 3 mm. The Uniboot cables offer LC and SC termination, and feature plenum-, riser-, and LSZH-rated jacket materials. Fiber types include laser-optimized 10G OM3, OM2 in 50/125-µm and 62.5/125-µm multimode, and singlemode. Available from distributors, Uniboot pricing begins at $26.20.

Fiber network test solutions

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The Noyes C-Series QUAD test solution includes a compact QUAD OTDR and QUAD Certification Test Kit, with the capability to mix and match to suit network testing needs. The C850 QUAD OTDR features integrated singlemode and multimode Optical Light Sources, Optical Power Meter, Visual Fault Locator, and a large transflective touch screen display suitable for indoor and outdoor operation. The C850 offers built-in Certification Auto Test functionality, which can be used with another C850 or the C840 QUAD Certifications tester. This tester includes single- mode and multimode Optical Light Sources, an Optical Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator, and is designed to perform Auto Test Certification in pairs, It can also be used as a traditional power meter or light source to measure fiber loss, or as a Visual Fault Locator to find fiber breaks. The C880 QUAD Certification Test Kit combines two C840 Certification Testers designed for Tier 1 testing and troubleshooting multimode and single- mode fiber links. Each tester includes a singlemode and multimode Optical Light Source, an Optical Power Meter, and an integrated Visual Light Source. In addition, the C860 QUAD OTDR and Certification Test Kit (pictured) includes a C840 and a C850, allowing Tier 1 dual wavelength multimode or singlemode Certification Auto Tests of two fibers in both directions. It measures loss and length of the fibers, and compares results to industry standards, applications, and user-defined threshold values to certify the fibers. The C860 supports simultaneous dual or single wavelength OTDR testing, fault finding, and Auto Test Certification.

IP video integration

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All seven cameras in Basler’s IP camera series are now integrated with OnSSI’s Ocularis platform for IP video control. Ocularis, OnSSI’s intelligent IP video surveillance management platform, is considered a best-in-class solution for video detection, analysis, delivery, and response. In addition to conventional security applications, the Ocularis platform enables the use of video as an infor- mation resource for the corporate enterprise. Seven different camera models feature VGA to 2 megapixel resolution and day/night function- ality. An area of interest (AOI) feature lets users define regions within the original field of view to see greater detail in the surveillance images.

All-dielectric armored cable

MIC DX is an all-dielectric armored fiber-optic cable designed to eliminate the labor and costs associated with accessing and grounding a typical armored cable. MIC DX armored cable is designed for use in riser, plenum, and general purpose environments for intrabuilding backbone and horizontal installations. The cable core is protected by a flexible all-dielectric armor that, according to the company, offers more than 4x the crush protection of unarmored cables, a smaller outside diameter, and improved tensile strength. The cable is designed to reduce installation time and expense by eliminating the need to ground the cable, and is designed to provide greater tensile strength than interlocking armored cable designs. According to the company, there are no metallic components within the cable, enabling simplified access to the fiber. Offered in 50- and 62.5-µm singlemode and hybrid fiber versions, the MIC DX armored cable meets NEC application requirements. The riser version is OFNR- and FT-4 listed, while the plenum version is OFNP- and FT 6- listed. The company says the cable meets or exceeds (for higher crush) ICEA S-83-596 test criteria, and is available with Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet performance.

Entrance surge protector

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The SES40 Service Entrance Sup- pression device is designed to protect sensitive electronics at the service entrance for residential or light com- mercial service panels. This unit is designed for 120/240 volts AC power systems and provides surge protection totaling 80 kA 8/20 µs total, or 40 kA per phase. The SES40 is Listed to UL 1449 as a Type 1 device. It offers protection on the line side or load side of the service panel, without additional external protection being required by circuit breakers or fuses. Additional features include: Compact NEMA-4 enclosure design, which can be flushmounted or installed in a small space; LED status indication flag for status monitoring; 120/240 volts AC operating voltage designed for most common power distribution systems for residential or small commercial buildings; 40 kA 8/20 µs maximum surge rating per phase; CE mark and listed to UL 1449.

4-way cable mapper

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WireMaster Mapper (Cat. No. 3281) is designed to trace and map virtually any type of cable by using four types of remote identifiers: BNC Remotes are used to identify coaxial cables in CCTV security and surveillance systems.; F Remotes will identify coaxial cables in cable TV distribution systems; RJ-11/RJ-45 Remotes are used to identify telephone or LAN cables; Clip Lead Remotes are used to identify any pair of wires, such as speaker wires and telephone wires that do not have connectors attached. The unit has an AC/DC overvoltage warning LED and beeper, and a 120 volt AC line cross-protection and warning. The Wire- Master tests in real-time to identify intermittents, and is able to map lengths over 20,000 ft. A 9-volt battery and one-year warranty are included. MSRP is $119.

Industrial WAP

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The JetWave 2600 series of industrial wireless access points (WAP) have integrated Intel TDMA technology, enabling the devices to communicate over distances of at least 40km with high transmission performance. The JetWave 2610 and JetWave 2620 are built on the IEEE 802.11a standard for wireless transmission networks and use the 5 GHz bandwidth as their operating frequency. The JetWave 2640 adopts dual band, IEEE 802.11a and 802.11g stand- ards technology. All JetWave devices support base station (AP), CPE, Relay, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint modes of operation. Comprehensive wireless security is ensured by using WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), WPA and WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access versions 1 and 2) technology. These provide the equivalent level of security to that of a hard-wired LAN. For outdoor installations, the JetWave 2600 series is protected to IP67, with operating temperatures between -30º C to 70º C.

Surge, lightning protection

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The HGLN-CAT5J surge protector is compatible with industry-standard 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet networks, providing protection to both Ethernet data 0pairs as well as the PoE DC power feed. The unit supports both modes A and B of the 802.3af standard for supplying DC power. The AL-D4W-DP (pictured) is a high performance lightning protector designed to provide superior protection of DSL and telephone lines from transients or surges caused by lightning strikes. Like the HGLN-CAT5J, this protector features Thyristor diode technology, which is designed for excellent power-handling capability compared to TVS or Zener diode-based designs. The unit will protect up to four signal pairs.

UTP security suite

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The UTP Security Solutions suite features more than 20 new connectivity components designed to enable enterprises to connect analog security cameras and recording equipment over UTP cabling. This infrastructure will permit IT staff to maintain the security network, streamlining facility management and upgrades. The Security Solutions suite includes active and passive video transceiver baluns as well as video, power, and data (VPD) transceivers and signal integrators. Long distance cable runs of 2,000 to 4,000 feet are possible with the active receiver products. VPD products transmit all three signals (video, power, data) on a single 4-pair UTP cable.

HDMI/DVI plenum cable

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RGB5C-23-CMP plenum cable is designed for high performance RGBHV applications. It is constructed for long runs with high-resolution computer signals, and for long runs of HDMI and DVI signals when used with the company’s DL-HDCX DigitaLinx HDMI over RGB Cable extender. The cable is UL- listed for use in plenum air spaces in the U.S. and Canada. For computer signals, the cable offers less attenuation than industry-standard 26 AWG mini hi-res cables, which means it can run 50 to 100 percent longer without elec- tronic boosters. For HDMI and DVI signals, it performs at lengths up to 300 feet at 1080p/60mhz resolution when used with the DL-HDCX extender. The company says the cable is swept to 4.5 GHz “for reliable performance with any analog or digital signal.” Features include five conductors, a Kynar jacket for applications up to 125° C, and RoHS compliance. The cable works with the company’s crimp connectors, and comes packaged on 500-foot spools. It is also available in a non-plenum version (RGB5C-23-CM).

Wall-mount cabinet

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The CableSafe data wall is designed to solve patching problems in data and structured cabling applications. The wall-mount cabinet allows multiple patch panels and other voice/data equipment to be mounted where floor and wall space are at a premium and equipment must be protected. The 26”-wide, UL-listed cabinet allows maximum room for cable bundles. It also comes standard with either a wide-face rackrail on the left and right side of the cabinet, or an off-set face rail that allows dressing to either side using included cable management rings or optional fiber spools. The CableSafe cabinet ships with the front rackrail at a 4” setback position to accommodate cable managers, and features a “swing open” center section that permits simplified front and rear access. The cabinet’s locking/latching plexi front door is designed for both security and aesthetics, while an optional rear rackrail helps ensure additional support and cable management. CableSafe enclosures come in three heights (12”, 18”, and 26” rack units) and four useable depths (15”, 20”, 24” and 30”) with a weight capacity of 250 lbs. All are shipped fully assembled.

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