Belden, Securicon team on cybersecurity infrastructure

June 1, 2015
Companies will partner to provide streamlined security solutions for industrial and critical applications customers.

Belden announced the signing of an agreement with Securicon, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in comprehensive cybersecurity services and solutions for critical infrastructure industries. According to a press statement, the partnership will enable the two companies to combine their areas of expertise in order to offer streamlined security solutions for industrial networking and critical applications customers.

“When our customers ask, ‘How much security is needed and what should we do?’, we can make their next steps truly seamless thanks to this partnership,” comments Brian Oulton, vice president of business development for Belden.

Belden-Securicon says the new partnership will aim to provide OEM manufacturers, system integrators, architectural and engineering firms and end-users with "simple and effective processes for assessing the security of their systems and securing their industrial networks and critical infrastructure." Via the new collaboration, "with a single source coordinating the details – from the initial security assessments to the design and installation of the recommended solutions – customers can optimize the security for their application, resulting in maximized uptime and enhanced operational productivity."

Oulton adds, “Securicon’s processes and experience in industrial markets and our portfolio of physical and cybersecurity solutions help to put the right security in place for our customers’ critical applications. We will work together to ensure the uptime and reliability of our customers’ networks and critical infrastructure is not compromised.”

Belden and Securicon note that, prior to the new parternship, the companies have previously worked together, pooling their knowledge of risk analysis frameworks, cybersecurity guidelines and standards, IT and OT technologies, and ICS security assessments.

“Securicon’s experience in the industrial controls space is unique because we understand the systems, devices and applications used by industrial process control and factory automation engineers on a daily basis,” explains Paul Hurley, Securicon CEO. “We will work with Belden to perform our assessments and training to discover security risks and vulnerabilities, which will allow Belden to address and resolve any identified security issues. This partnership takes our combined services to the next level and delivers an all-in-one solution.”

With similar philosophies on how to approach industrial security, Belden and Securicon both take an active role in defining cybersecurity standards, guidelines and best practices for several industry associations, including the International Society of Automation, International Electrotechnical Commission, Department of Homeland Security Industrial Control Systems Joint Working Group, American Public Transportation Association, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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