Wireless burglary control panel employs cellular, Wi-Fi bands across up to 6 zones

June 27, 2016
DMP’s newest security panel smartens its capabilities with more zones, dual communications, cellular and Wi-Fi band support, and the company's built-in Z-Wave Plus features.

DMP has introduced its XTLplus Wireless Burglary Control System. This new panel's design provides the high-level security of DMP's existing product base, but in a fast-to-install residential system format with a user interface that is straightforward and simple to use.

The XTLplus includes all the features of larger residential or small commercial security panels in a single, small footprint: 48 zones of 900 MHz secure two-way wireless, cellular and Wi-Fi communication, and the proprietary Z-Wave Plus features for advanced home and business security. The smaller panel enables more installation options while anchoring a secure, flexible distributed wireless system. With new Auto-Keypad Pairing and Easy WPS Enrolling features, the XTLplus ensures a faster-than-average installation time, contends DMP. With a fully featured app to control the system from a smartphone, tablet or browser at MyVirtualKeypad.com, the XTLplus provides an elegant user interface. "Geofencing, multi-system management, favorites and many more features make the XTLplus the system of choice for security dealers everywhere," added a company press release.

“This combination of a distributed design for ‘real’ security, with a 900 MHz wireless platform, designed for the highest level of security systems that the DMP products are known for and supported by our fast, simple, but utterly-secure user app, makes the XTLplus the best possible choice for a long term profitable residential sales program. With an average installation time of 30 minutes or less, and a reasonable price, the XTLplus also represents the best value available for our customers,” said Joe Hurst, DMP’s senior vice president.

Consumers can choose from three XTLplus models:
XTL+Z (Z-Wave on board)
XTL+W (Wi-Fi on board)
XTL+WZ (Z-Wave and Wi-Fi on board)

XTLplus Features Summary:
48 2-way, 900 mhz wireless zones
Dual communication Cellular & Wi-Fi
Supports up to 8 2-way wireless key fobs or outputs
200-event memory
99 user codes with authority level
6 areas
Supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices
All New XTLplus Fast Programming

For more information go to DMP.com/XTLplus or contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at [email protected].

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