Dual-input SFP media converter

May 23, 2016
The media converter has a demux feature that allows for port isolation, replicating two media converters over one fiber.

ComNet Communications recently introduced a three-port media converter, the CNMC2+1SFP/M. “This media converter features two TX [transmission] input ports and a single SFP port for the users’ choice of fiber type, distance, connector type and speed,” ComNet said when announcing the new media converter. “The unit features port isolation, allowing the unit to act as two independent media converters while using a single optical fiber for transmission.”

The company says the converter’s key benefit is its ease of use. Its multiplexing feature “prevents network video flooding of multicast traffic with DIP switch selection of the fiber as a dedicated uplink path,” ComNet explained. “A unique link fault passthrough feature detects if either of the copper ports are down, and triggers the optical port to switch states to indicate the failure to the monitoring system.”

ComNet added that using the CNMC2+1SFP/M media converter allows users to add IP video to a network; it is designed for use in harsh environmental applications.

Andrew Acquarulo Jr., ComNet’s president and chief executive officer, said, “Being able to design the network where using one media converter instead of two, to accomplish the same task, is the definition of a cost-effective solution.”

“With the introduction of the CNMC2+1SFP/M, we continue to round out our media converter offerings and solve a multitude of challenges our customers face,” said Skip Haight, vice president of marketing for ComNet. He added that the company now offers more than 300 different media converters.

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