Tyco Security unveils facial biometrics for IP video surveillance

Feb. 18, 2016
Integrated facial biometrics feature within Tyco's American Dynamics VideoEdge platform provides immediate verification and detection of individuals.

Tyco Security Products has introduced facial biometrics capabilities within its American Dynamics VideoEdge video surveillance systems for immediate detection and verification of individuals.

Facial biometrics can now easily be added to a VideoEdge network video recorder (NVR). Users can quickly conduct a SmartSearch within VideoEdge to automatically find a matching face and view the associated corresponding video. This allows security operators to identify criminals, terminated employees, VIPs and other persons of interest, while also enrolling and saving known faces with video associated for faster future investigations.

Users can save up to 1,000 faces per NVR enrollment database, adds the company. For example, a retail store can add a photo of a shoplifter at one of its locations to the database so he/she can be seen across the enterprise of sites. If that person enters another store location, operators receive an instant alert to take action and aid in preventing costly shoplifting occurrences.

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Each facial biometrics engine is built into the VideoEdge NVR, eliminating the need for an additional server. Housing this intelligent feature within the recorder reduces operational costs and improves efficiency. Additionally, VideoEdge users can utilize the facial verification feature with American Dynamics' victor Unified and Software House C•CURE 9000 security and event management platform for a complete, unified solution. Via such platform extensions, access control card holders are immediately detected and verified. Therefore, if the system detects an unauthorized card use, operators receive instant visual notification.

“Facial biometrics within VideoEdge offers our customers real value in improving loss prevention and reducing investigation time,” says Jammy DeSousa, product manager, Tyco Security Products. “The technology used to match multiple points on a face against images stored in the database delivers a high matching success rate for superior performance.”

For more information, visit www.tycosecurityproducts.com.

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