Multi-format matrix switcher integrates legacy analog, HDMI digital video gear

Aug. 9, 2013
The DVS-MFSW-94XT allows legacy gear to operate seamlessly alongside digital video equipment.

FSR (Woodland Park, NJ) has introduced its DVS-MFSW-94XT, a multi-format 9x4 scaling matrix switcher that reduces the challenges associated with integrating legacy analog gear with newly installed digital video products. The 94XT offers 9 inputs: 4 HDMI with stereo audio, 3 HDMI via CAT x cable, and 2 multi-format analog inputs. On the output side, there are 2 HDMI outputs and 2 HDMI over CATx outputs, each scaled to match the resolution of the display.

“While most new purchases of video equipment are digital, there is an incredibly large installed base of legacy analog equipment already in place,” explains Jan Sandri, FSR president. "The 94XT extends the life of the legacy gear by allowing it to operate seamlessly alongside the newest digital video equipment."

According to FSR, the 94XT incorporates intelligent EDID and HDCP management along with high bandwidth ADCs and scalers to make not only the installation, but the operation of the overall system, as simple as "plug and play." For additional flexibility, the 94XT has 2 additional balanced stereo audio inputs, 1 unbalanced stereo audio output, and SPDIF outputs for each video output. It can be controlled from the front panel, remotely via RS-232 or TCP/IP, or through the built-in web server.

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To realize the full potential of the 94XT, FSR offers the DV-HXT family of HDMI over CATx extenders. They can send 1080p up to 165 feet and plug directly into the 94XT, offering extended input and output distances without the need to have additional transmitters or receivers at the switcher. The transmitters are available as standalone “bricks” or as wall plates, while the receivers are available in “brick” form only.

“We felt that it was important for the 94XT to be able to operate flawlessly in environments where users can arrive with nearly any computer, tablet or other video device, plug it in and have it simply work," adds Joe Fischer, FSR’s director of engineering. "Too many other products work only in fixed environments and our world is far from a fixed environment."

For more information, contact FSR's Jan Sandri at 973-785-4347 or [email protected]

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