Axis Communications introduces network door controller

Sept. 26, 2013
Introduction of non-proprietary, IP-based access controller marks company’s foray into the physical access control market.

The Axis A1001 Network Door Controller is the first access-control product brought to market by Axis Communications—the company widely recognized as the originator of the network camera. The door controller “is a complement to Axis’s existing portfolio of innovative network video products,” the company said when announcing its introduction, “and creates unique integration possibilities for partners and end users.”

The company claims the Axis A1001 is the first non-proprietary and open IP-based access controller on the market. It is a platform for two different solutions, the company said. “Axis Entry Manager [Axis A1001 with built-in software] is a ready-made solution for small- to medium-sized businesses—such as offices, industries and retail stores—with typically 10 doors and basic access control requirements,” Axis said. “For larger enterprise systems, Axis A1001’s open application programming interface enables Axis’s application development partners (ADPs) to meet specific customer requirements. Initially, Axis ADP partners Aimetis, Genetec, IMRON, Milestone Systems, Next Level Security Systems and OnSSI are engaged in the development of solutions, which include video integration and advanced access control functionality.”

The network door controller is being launched in the United States in Q4 2013. “The United States was an early adopter of network video technology and is also a huge market for physical access control,” the company said when announcing the introduction. “The value of the global physical access control market is about USD 3 billion in 2012 and will increase to approximately USD 4.2 billion by 2017, which represents an annual growth of 7 percent, according to market research firm HIS.”

The company’s president and chief executive officer, Ray Mauritsson, said, “There is a strong connection between access control and video surveillance. As the market leader in network cameras, Axis plays an important role in driving convergence to IP-based products in video surveillance. We now apply that expertise in IP technology to the physical access control market in the same way. The physical access control market is primed to make the shift to open IP technology … Although we now enter the physical access control market, our focus will continue to be on network video products. We expect physical access control sales to represent a small, but important, part of our total business.”

The company lists the following capabilities and characteristics of the Axis A1001 Door Controller.

  • Open architecture that allows easy integration of video, intrusion detection and other systems.
  • Support for Power over Ethernet to reduce the need for separate power cables and proprietary cables.
  • Cardholder data and system configurations are automatically stored and synchronized between controllers and the units can be managed from any computer in the system.
  • Enabler for an ‘edge’ solution with one controller for each door and a fixed price per door. It is fully scalable, eliminating the traditional central controller multiples of 4, 8, 16 or 32 doors.
  • Support for most existing reader protocols and reader types, and standard IT and security equipment such as door locks and door position sensors.
  • The installation wizard and the color-coded connectors help users to complete the installation and verify that door locks, readers and other equipment are connected properly.
  • The API is designed for compliance with ONVIF Profile C, which will enable interoperability between clients and devices of physical access control systems, and network-based video systems.

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