Smart data tiering boosts healthcare, video surveillance networks

Technical white paper by Hitachi Data Systems and Crossroads Systems describes.

A June 2013 technical white paper by Hitachi Data Systems and Crossroads Systems, Inc. contends that for industries with diverse file formats such as media, entertainment, healthcare, government, video surveillance and logistics, the growth of unstructured data is quickly becoming a major data center challenge. The analysis explains how unstructured data cannot be categorized into relational databases, and thus needs to be stored in a file-system structure for seamless access.

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According to the paper, the optimal solution involves active archiving with a tiered, intelligent NAS storage infrastructure. The analysis describes how tiered storage, or the strategic management of data across performance tiers to improve efficiency, can reduce costs and automate file management. The paper further describes how intelligent storage tiering also enables the most efficient use of storage media across diverse environments, from ultra-high- performance servers to cost-effective tape media.

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