Authorized cabling, low voltage, IP security products distributor reaches out personally to dealers, contractors via Youtube

CablingPlus's Roger Barreto takes a seat in front of the camera to personally encourage companies to join the CablingPlus Dealer Program.

CablingPlus, an authorized distributor of structured cabling and low-voltage products including IP physical security and surveillance systems, is reaching out personally to installation dealers and contractors via Youtube. The distributor's Roger Barreto below takes a seat in front of the camera to personally invite companies to join the CablingPlus Dealer Program.

Companies that resell or install the type of products seen on the distributor's website and blog are invited to become members of its installer program. Upon approval as a dealer program member, individuals will receive an email with a user name and password from CablingPlus for access to the installer price levels of the distributor's website.

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Program members receive wholesale pricing on a selection of thousands of products backed by manufacturer warranties, technical support, and the distributor's highly promoted customer service expertise.

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