Berk-Tek adds more power, plenum-cable options to OneReach PoE Extender System

April 15, 2013
System is now available with a remote power port capable of supporting powered devices that require up to 60W of power.

Berk-Tek, a Nexans company, has added enhancement options to its OneReach Power over Ethernet Extender System including a higher-powered remote port, a smaller rack-mounting bracket and a plenum version of the cable used in the system. Available since 2011, OneReach allows users to install Power over Ethernet (PoE) powered devices up to 4,000 feet from a telecom room.

Among the new enhancements is a one-port Remote Power Port (RPP) that is capable of supporting what is known as “high PoE,” “hPoE” or “PoE++.” The new RPP supports powered devices that require up to 60W of power. Specific devices that may take advantage of such power delivery include outdoor pan/tilt/zoom cameras with integrated heaters and blowers. “Many of these cameras are supplied with a High PoE midspan power injector,” Berk-Tek explained when announcing the OneReach enhancements. “But these injectors are still limited to the traditional 328-foot/100-meter limit. With existing OneReach cable, this reach can be extended by more than 1,000 feet.”

The system’s cable—a copper/fiber composite—being available in a plenum version allows OneReach systems to be installed using pathways that require plenum cable. “This expand the applications to include wireless access point devices installed in ceilings, such as in hotel common areas, convention centers and school campuses,” Berk-Tek said. “The same distance capabilities are available with both plenum-rated and riser-rated cable.”

The other system enhancement is a 1U mounting bracket for a standard 19-inch rack, which can hold two, one-port media modules. It is intended for installations that require fewer end devices than can be accommodated by a larger bracket.

Mike Connaughton, RCDD, fiber-optic products business manager with Berk-Tek, said, “PoE capability continues to grow in popularity for many IP devices. And OneReach continues to evolve to allow end-users to provide increased power and data capability to these devices without having to install separate power at the remote end. With the latest generation of outdoor cameras hitting the market, the High PoE OneReach option will provide designers with a very cost-effective and flexible option. The plenum cable also will allow for expanded use in indoor applications where length restrictions and the installation environment had created barriers.”

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