IP surveillance examined in web seminar

Cabling types, system designs, standardization, camera technology and bandwidth consumption will all be addressed.

Internet Protocol (IP)-based surveillance systems, and the cabling needed to support them, will be the topic of a seminar delivered via the web on Tuesday, March 22. Presenters from Anixter, Berk-Tek and Panasonic will discuss the standards (or lack thereof) governing IP-security systems, the types of cables and cabling-system designs required to support IP surveillance, and the efforts being made by camera manufacturers to simultaneously drive up camera capability and drive down the systems' bandwidth consumption.

Making the presentations will be Steve D'Ercole, regional security manager with Anixter; Carol Everett Oliver, RCDD, ESS, market analyst with Berk-Tek; and Aaron Saks, MSIT, senior product trainer with Panasonic System Networks Company of America.

The seminar is free to all attendees and will be presented live at 1:00pm EDT on Tuesday, March 22. Thereafter it will be available on-demand for six months.

Attendees who tune in for the duration of the event are eligible to receive one continuing education credit for the following BICSI designations: RCDD, RITP, ESS, NTS, Installer 2 Copper/Fiber, Technician, Certified Trainer.

You can register for the seminar here.

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