Berk-Tek addressing direct-attach questions

Column addresses the standard-compliance, or non-compliance, of a modular plug-ended horizontal cable.

On a part of its website called Get Reel, Berk-Tek recently addressed the topic of direct-attach, a termination method that is commonly used in horizontal cabling systems serving security/surveillance applications, but that is not recognized in TIA-568 standard specifications.

As Berk-Tek describes it, the direct-attach method is "a modular plug-ended horizontal cable at the device end." Very often, the device is the IP port on a surveillance camera. In its Get Reel column, Berk-Tek points out that cabling-industry-specific discussion groups on the social media site LinkedIn have been buzzing with questions about whether or not such a practice is standard-compliant. The Berk-Tek column answers that question by saying "yes and no," and explains why that answer is accurate, explaining that it "is not recognized in TIA-568 standardized data and voice applications, but has been accepted by the building automation standard, TIA-862 and the proposed ANSI/BICSI-005 ESS draft documents."

The column then further describes the practicalities of using the direct-attach termination method as well as testing such a system, and how its use might affect the manufacturer's warranty for the system.

You can read the full column here.

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