Online design tool estimates surveillance-system bandwidth use

Available on the Axis Communications website, the tool also estimates storage needs.

Axis Communications has released a second version of the Axis Design Tool, an online program that allows users to estimate the bandwidth and storage needs of surveillance projects. The tool's dropdown menus allow users to make the following selections: camera model and quantity; scenario in which it will be deployed (intersection, reception, schoolyard, stairway, station - in regular or low light); viewing, recording and compression options.

Based on that information the tool automatically calculates the bandwidth and, when applicable, storage estimates. This second version of the design tool includes all the functionality of the original, Axis says, with the additional capabilities of sharing a project design with others, creating multiple projects and working offline.

The tool works with the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Google Chrome, Apple Safari 4 or higher, and Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and higher. Axis notes that users of Internet Explorer may see a warning message and must allow Active Content to run in order to use the design tool.

You can access the tool here.

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