Video-surveillance software provider offering discounts to schools

OnSSI is extending a 40-percent discount program through September 2011.

On-Net Security Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI), which provides video-surveillance and security software sytems, is extending a promotion it started last year that provides learning institutions with discounts on some of its offerings. Customers eligible for the discount include schools, universities and other educational institution. The product set discounted to these users is the Ocularis CS, a software platform. The promotion is in effect through September 2011.

The company says a 40-percent discount is available on its Ocularis CS 2.0 system, which is new, and on camera licenses for existing Ocularis CS systems.

When announcing the extension of this program, the company said it "recognizes there is nothing more important than helping make sure that children are able to learn in a safe and stable environment."

Detailed information on the discount program can be found here.

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