Lawsuit filed against IP camera manufacturers

Patent-infringement claim is aimed at Bosch, Samsung and Sony.

ObjectVideo, which develops software used to equip IP video cameras with analytics capabilities, has filed a patent-infringement complaint against Bosch Security Systems Inc., Samsung Group, Sony Corporation and other entities associated with those organizations. ObjectVideo is seeking damages and injunctive relief against the defendants, claiming the defendants have sold products that contain software that infringes some of ObjectVideo's 37 U.S. patents.

"With the strong increase of video analytics offerings over the past few years, we've seen a similar increase in the number of companies using ObjectVideo's patented technologies without paying for them," said Bill Marino, ObjectVideo's chief intellectual property officer. "We need to ensure our existing IP and software partners are not unfairly disadvantaged in the marketplace by competitors whose products use the same or similar functionality to innovations that are ours."

The website IP Security Watch has a detailed account of the complaint from ObjectVideo's perspective. None of the defendants commented to IP Security Watch on the matter.

That site also houses a copy of the official complaint, which can be viewed here.

John Honovich, who operates the site, opined that the suit is a last-ditch effort by ObjectVideo following troubling business conditions. You can read Honovich's analysis here.

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