Cabling Plus now offering a full line of CCTV surveillance video cables

Feb. 22, 2011
Network cabling and connectivity supplier is now offering selection of professional grade CCTV cables to support all IP surveillance video applications.

Network cabling and IP connectivity supplier Cabling Plus (San Marcos, CA) is now offering a full line of professional grade CCTV cables to support all IP surveillance video applications.


San Marcos, CA, February 21, 2011 -- ( -- CCTV cable, also known as security camera cable, is a vital part of any CCTV camera installation. The cable is really a coaxial cable that is used to transfer a video signal between a security camera and a recording or video viewing device. Rg59 coaxial cable is the most common cable type used for this video transmission. Other names for CCTV cable include Siamese cable, BNC cable, security camera cable, and RG59 coaxial cable. RG59 coaxial cable is the most popular and widely used cable type used for both commercial and residential CCTV system installations.

RG59 coaxial cable is basically the ideal cable for low-power and RF signal connections. You often see this cable type packed in your box when you buy consumer products such as VCR’s DVR’s, and satellite receivers. It is a very common cable used for many types of video and RF applications. RG59 is essentially a single solid conductor wire that is surrounded by a dielectric insulator (which is used to protect and prevent power loss) that is then covered by a braid shield (to protect the video transmission from outside interference). Using RG59 as a CCTV cable is ideal because it provides a solid protected means for a video signal to travel from one component to another.

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Due to the features and characteristics of a RG59 coaxial cable it makes the perfect medium to be used as a CCTV cable or security camera cable. This only involves running the RG59 cable between the security cameras and the DVR (Digital Video Recorder), and using BNC connectors on each end that simply connect it all together. Most CCTV DVR’s have female BNC connectors on the back of them that allow the RG59 CCTV cable to easily attach to it via a male BNC connector. Plus, most quality security cameras also have female BNC connectors on them that allow for the male BNC on the CCTV cable to easily connect to the camera. Now you have your CCTV cable in place and you are ready to transmit your security footage.

One of the most common CCTV cable types used today is of the Siamese cable variation. A Siamese cable is basically a RG59 coaxial cable that is also attached to a power cable. Usually the power cable is an 18 gauge cable that is used to carry power between the security cameras and their power source. Having a Siamese cable that offers both the video (RG59) and power cable makes an installation very convenient. It allows you to pull one cable that gives you everything you need for both the power and the video for your security camera. It is much easier to pull one Siamese cable instead of dealing with 2 individual separate cables. This allows for a much easier and cleaner installation.

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The cable that you use for your security cameras plays a crucial role for both the video and the power of your CCTV system. The installation and termination of your CCTV cable is simple as long as you have the right cable, connectors, and tools to do the job. Choose Cabling Plus as your #1 source for professional grade CCTV cables. For more information, visit:

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