Axis touts new PTZ camera, plus Norwegian rail deployment

March 10, 2008
March 10, 2008 -- Axis Communications has introduced its Axis 212 PTZ-V network camera. Seperately, the company announced that its network cameras will be installed on trains in Norway.

March 10, 2008 -- Axis Communications has introduced its Axis 212 PTZ-V network camera. According to the company, the "vandal-resistant, instant one-click pan/tilt/zoom" camera is based on the Axis 212 PTZ, which introduced pan/tilt/zoom functionality and automatic patrolling while reducing wear and tear on moving parts.

"Combining a vandal-resistant casing and a unique set of features, the Axis 212 PTZ-V more than fulfills the market's need for a reliable, cost-efficient, and tamper-resistant video surveillance solution," contends Fredrik Nilsson, general manager of Axis Communications. "The AXIS 212 PTZ-V provides an overview of the whole monitored area, while conventional PTZ cameras only enable users to pan, tilt, and zoom in a limited area."

The Axis 212 PTZ-V features a metal base and a durable, transparent cover, for heightened protection against vandalism. The camera is intended for indoor video surveillance in environments such as schools, stores, banks and reception areas, where an overview of the whole area is essential. The camera's instantaneous pan/tilt/zoom feature enables quick and precise monitoring of suspicious activity.

The Axis 212 PTZ-V combines a 3-megapixel sensor with a wide-angle lens, providing VGA resolution, which ensures the same high-quality image for an overview as for a close-up. According to the company, with no moving parts, the camera alternates instantly between full overview and instant pan/tilt/zoom, without wear and tear or noise. Equipped with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, the camera uses a single Ethernet cable for both power and video.

Axis notes that the camera supports IPv6 in addition to the standard IP protocol version 4, as insurance against the growing shortage of IPv4 addresses. Network security and management capabilities include multiple user access levels, HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1x, and IP address filtering to ensure secure video handling and configuration.

The Axis 212 PTZ-V is available via distribution for the manufacturer's suggested price of $699. A variety of application software is available via the Axis Application Development Partner (ADP) program, along with the Axis Camera Station video management software.

Axis network cameras on Norway's railways

Separately, Axis announced that its network cameras will be installed on trains in Norway. Axis partner ESP Group, a systems integrator with focus on intelligent video surveillance, received the order for a security solution from NSB, the Norwegian State Railways. Initially, the order comprises about 3.200 AXIS 209FD-R and AXIS 221 cameras, with a potential for additional installations.

"With this system onboard, passengers and the employees gain increased security when they travel and work -- something on which I place a high value as a passenger," comments Bjørn Bekkevold, president of the ESP Group.

Axis says its network cameras are part of a solution on the trains to improve security for passengers and personnel. Mounting of the cameras will begin in spring 2008 and is expected to be completed mid-2010. The Axis 209FD-R will be used for surveillance in the railcars; the Axis 221 will be used for views in front of and behind the trains.

According to Axis, developed specifically for the transportation sector, the Axis 209FD-R network camera meets market demand for surveillance of areas where a highly compact solution is required, without foregoing quality. The 209FD-R measures four centimeters high and is easy to mount in a vehicle's inner ceilings and on its walls. It is equipped with PoE capability and with day and night functions, delivering detailed images so that individuals and objects of interest can be identified around the clock.

"In recent years we have experienced increased interest for installations of network video in the transportation sector," says Ray Mauritsson, president of Axis Communications. "Axis' network video products have been installed in many demanding environments, including buses in Stockholm, trains in Zurich, and subway cars in Moscow."

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