OKDoor provides physical access control via Google Glass

OKDoor integrates with Brivo Labs’ Social Access Management API to provide physical access control to a wearer of Google Glass.


Brivo Labs, a business unit of Brivo Systems LLC, recently unveiled OKDoor, an application that integrates with Brivo’s Social Access Management (SAM) API to provide physical access control via Google Glass.

OKDoor provides notification to a person inside a building that someone outside needs to gain access. First, an outdoor camera pushes a snapshot of the individual to the Google Glass wearer. The wearer is then presented with the ability to allow or deny entry. The OKDoor user can remotely unlock the door and allow the visitor inside.


According to Brivo Labs, its SAM API “can authenticate visitors and associate several forms of secure credentials to access physical devices. Social authentication and provisioning of access is implemented by connecting with leading social network platforms. SAM also provides developers with the resources to perform data analysis, manage devices, authorize schedules, get access to hosted IP video and offer real-time device control with remote automation.”

Lee Odess, vice president of marketing with Brivo Systems, commented, “We are excited to reinforce our leadership position in the social access management space and show innovative examples of how we merge current technologies with traditional security and access control. OKDoor is a prime example of the convergence of these two areas.”

Brivo Labs describes its business as “enhancing the everyday experiences of entering physical places with products and services that allow people to interact with the physical world.”

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