Secure server links serial communication devices into existing Ethernet networks

March 24, 2014
Comtrol's DeviceMaster LT16 secure device server enables serial-to-Ethernet device communications.

Comtrol, a maker of industrial device connectivity products, has released its DeviceMaster LT16, billed as a highly secure, compact device server for easy integration of serial communication devices into LAN, Internet, or cloud-based systems.

According to the company, the DeviceMaster LT16 easily links serial communication devices into existing Ethernet networks for remote diagnostics, management, and data collection. With a low-profile design, 16 serial ports, and Windows and Linux driver software, the new product is especially designed for network-enabling barcode scanners, weigh scales, card readers, and POS equipment.

For those with existing systems, the DeviceMaster LT16 utilizes serial port wiring compatible with widely deployed device server models from Digi International Inc. This compatibility makes the LT16 a cost-effective replacement for legacy systems while maintaining investment in existing cabling and infrastructure, says Comtrol. Further, for compliance with new and evolving data security practices, the DeviceMaster LT16 includes the strongest security and encryption features to support deployment in government, financial, and point-of-sale applications where strict privacy and data standards are crucial.

The DeviceMaster LT16 is available in two models for installations requiring AC power or direct DC power systems. It includes Microsoft-certified driver software supporting the latest Windows operating systems and TTY drivers for popular Linux distributions. The proprietary PortVision DX network management software is included with each product for configuration, monitoring, and remote management within any network size.

“With security breaches recently topping the news, now more than ever, companies are looking to modernize their networks and serial communication systems,” comments Comtrol's director of product management, David Boldt. “The DeviceMaster LT16 delivers the latest networking and data security features needed to immediately bring systems up to speed.”

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