Graybar targets building intelligence, energy efficiency

Distributor launches new monthly e-newsletter.

Graybar has announced the launch of Graybar PowerSmart Monthly, a new electronic newsletter that provides news and information on industry trends related to energy efficiency and building intelligence.

According to the distributor, each edition of the e-newsletter contains current news stories on topics such as:

-- Energy legislation (as it applies to building owners and operators)
-- Lighting and lighting controls
-- Building sustainability
-- Building automation
-- Physical security systems (surveillance and access control)
-- Wireless/mobility in commercial buildings

The newsletter will also highlight stories from notable manufacturers of energy efficient and intelligent building products, and will feature information services and success stories from Graybar.

"We’re providing this newsletter to keep our customers up-to-date on the most innovative and energy efficient products and services in the business," explains Karl Griffith, director of emerging technology at Graybar. "This newsletter provides valuable information to help our customers reduce energy consumption and optimize building performance."

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