HD encoders, decoders enable multimedia streaming over IP

Via the new devices from ClearOne, HD content can be distributed via IP to virtually an unlimited number of displays.

At the upcoming ISE 2014 show, ClearOne (NASDAQ: CLRO), will introduce its VIEW Pro HD encoders and decoders, designed to provide high-profile, 4:4:4 digital multimedia streaming with lossless compression over existing IP networks.

According to the company, via the new devices, content can be distributed via IP to virtually an unlimited number of displays. Plus, the VIEW Pro platform is compatible with ClearOne's StreamNet technology for auto discovery and control of all networked StreamNet products.

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The included VIEW Virtual Matrix Software displays a simple view of the entire system on a single screen, as well as providing simple source and destination selection and control options in Windows, Android and iOS for StreamNet encoders and decoders. Users have control access from any number of input devices, including wall touch-screens, desktops, laptops, and handheld devices.

"By pushing our technology to the edge of the network, we've eliminated the need for costly hardware matrix switching and the limitations of cabling," comments Michael Braithwaite, ClearOne's senior vice president of the multimedia streaming business. "Streaming multimedia over TCP/IP provides drastic improvements in flexibility, scalability, price, and performance over traditional AV streaming and distribution methods."

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