Live-streaming video enables remote collaboration in enterprise security networks

Vidcie advances its mobile live-streaming video solution for enterprise security networks.

Nov 11th, 2014
Live-streaming video enables remote collaboration in enterprise security networks
Live-streaming video enables remote collaboration in enterprise security networks

Vidcie (Sunnyvale, CA), a developer of live-streaming video systems for enterprises, announced the addition of its Vidcie Central and the Vidcie App products, designed to aid companies in managing video camera endpoints. The company says the platform enables remote collaboration among sites by leveraging the existing capabilities of smartphones and mobile networks.

"The idea is to provide vision where you want it and expertise when you need it," says Romulus Pereira, CEO of Vidcie. "The new enhancements to our enterprise offering make it even easier for on-the-ground workers in industries like security, manufacturing and aviation to connect with experts located almost anywhere in the world, saving both time and money that would have traditionally been spent bringing those same experts to the problem."

The basis of Vidcie's live-streaming video service, Vidcie Central, is designed to securely and seamlessly connect corporate experts to their remote staff through Vidcie's enterprise-grade cloud service. Designed as a browser interface, Vidcie Central enables companies to view live video streams from remote team members, enhancing communications between headquarters and the field. Through Vidcie Central, users have the ability to maintain, customize, manage and administer user accounts, usage policies and broadcast groups, as well as control all video endpoints for security. Also featured are full DVR capabilities for easy archiving and playback of previously recorded video, complete with essential policies in place for administrators to ensure video streams are kept secure and that captured video is not altered or shared on public sites.

Also available now is the Vidcie App for both iOS and Android smartphones and connected tablets. The Vidcie App enables any worker in an organization to turn his or her mobile device into a self-contained video-streaming device, and live-stream video back to Vidcie Central. The Vidcie App is specifically intended for situations where a dedicated body-mounted camera is unavailable, but the need for live-streaming video exists.

"To enhance resolution in the field and increase first time fix rates, organizations are looking to empower their field service agents with better tools and content to diagnose, troubleshoot and fix," asserts Sumair Dutta, chief customer officer at The Service Council. "Live video feeds, as enabled by the Vidcie App, can be extremely effective in developing a collaborative resolution environment by connecting the field with experts, higher-level support, or managers, thereby enhancing service results."

Built into the Vidcie App is the ability to sample a free 14-day trial of Vidcie Live Video Assist. With the free trial, prospective customers can use their smartphones as Vidcie live streaming cameras and experience the benefits of real-time video collaboration via Vidcie Central. For more information, visit


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