Wireless surveillance, security expert MicroPower joins SIA

Sept. 22, 2014
MicroPower's solar/wireless video security solution does not require cabling for power or data transmission.

MicroPower Technologies, a provider of rapidly deployable wireless surveillance and security neworking systems, announced that it has joined the Security Industry Association (SIA), a non-profit trade association representing manufacturers, service providers and integrators of physical security products.

“As a new member, we look forward to participating in all of the ways the SIA helps further the education, growth and impact of the security marketplace both nationwide and internationally,” says Dave Tynan, vice president of global marketing and sales for MicroPower Technologies. “SIA is such an important part of the security world, contributing to the advocacy of important issues in a variety of ways, and we are happy to play a part in its initiatives.”

SIA says its mandate is "the advancement of industry and member interests by advocating pro-industry policies and legislation at the federal and state levels; producing leading-edge educational content and sessions; creating open industry standards that enable integration; and opening global market opportunities." As a member of SIA, MicroPower expects to capitalize on networking and partnership opportunities, while gaining access to top-level buyers and influencers.

MicroPower's flagship technology includes solar-based wireless video surveillance technology designed to create superior value for customers by reducing deployment and infrastructure costs. The company emphasizes solar/wireless video security platform does not require cabling for power or data transmission. The company contends that this approach "removes the restrictions found with traditional cameras and allows users to place cameras at the point of highest risk without the added complexity of trenching, or pulling for data or power cables."

“SIA embraces members that represent emerging technology solutions, such as wireless and solar, which have the added benefit of sustainability; MicroPower combines the two with their innovative take on video surveillance,” concludes Don Erickson, CEO, SIA. “Our organization strives to be an influential voice among the security marketplace and we hope new members such as MicroPower can help in our mission to advance industry and member interests on a global level.”



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