4-port IP-over-coaxial cable transmitter

Nitek’s ET4500C can deliver 100 Mbits/sec per port as well as PoE to edge devices like IP cameras.

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The ET4500C is a 4-port IP-over-coaxial transmitter that also delivers Power over Ethernet. It is part of Nitek’s Etherstretch product family and, the company says, “is capable of transmitting 100 Mbits/sec while supplying Power over Ethernet to the connected edge devices. The ET4500C expands the capabilities and allows additional IP edge devices to utilize previously installed coaxial cable, which is perfect for migrating to a new IP camera system.”

The transmitter is ONVIF-compliant and, Nitek adds, it “has an extreme operating temperature which ensures the ET4500C is environmentally hardened, making it a perfect solution no matter where it needs to be deployed.”

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