Extend peripherals up to 100 meters at 480 Mbits/sec using Category cable

Extron’s USB Extender Plus enables signal extension for a number of peripheral devices.


Extron Electronics recently introduced its USB Extender Plus, which the company says, “extends signals from USB peripheral devices located up to 330 feet (100 meters) away from the host computer using a single Cat X cable. The extender supports USB 3.0, 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0 devices with data rates up to 480 Mbits/sec.” Extron further explains, “Direct connection of USB peripherals to a remote host eliminates the need for additional IP network drops, equipment, software, or drivers. For streamlined integration, the transmitter includes USB peripheral emulation that supports trouble-free booting of the host. Also, the receiver features an integrated four-port hub with 5 volts, 500 mA available on each port to power attached devices. The capabilities and low-profile design of the USB Extender Plus ensure simplified device integration in a wide variety of environments, such as installation within a courtroom, classroom, lecture hall, or conference space.”

Casey Hall, Extron’s vice president of sales and marketing, adds, “Current USB solutions on the market are designed for desktop applications with short cable runs. The Extron USB Extender solves these issues, accommodating virtually any USB device, whether it’s a keyboard, mouse, whiteboard, webcam or media player.”


The company said the product streamlines integration by avoiding IT-specific design criteria “that may be in conflict with the need to extend KVM in professional AV installations. For increased system reliability, peripheral emulation mimics continuous connection of device to host. Real-time status LED indicators provide visual confirmation of port activity between an active host and each connected peripheral device. The 1-inch-high, quarter-rack-width enclosure of both the USB Extender Plus transmitter and receiver allow rack mounting or discreet installation beneath a table or inside a lectern.”

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