Security and safety design manual gets updated

July 24, 2014
The 4th edition of BICSI’s ESSDRM includes security-industry trends such as network storage, wireless integration, cloud computing and SaaS.

BICSI recently released the 4th edition of its Electronic Safety and Security Design Reference Manual (ESSDRM). When announcing the new edition’s release, BICSI said, “The security of life, property and assets is a subject of great interest and importance. With the first IP-enabled video camera in the late 1990s, the security industry has continued to innovate and expand system capabilities designed for protection. The speed of change and innovation has increased, incorporating concepts and technologies that have recently arisen.”

The association added that the ESSDRM’s 4th edition addresses these principles, and is a reference for both the information and communications technology (ICT) designer, and the security professional. “Today’s ICT projects require the knowledge of ESS and its principles, and security designers are required to become more knowledgeable of the ICT infrastructure required for ESS systems,” BICSI added. “The updated ESSDRM describes how these systems have been transformed into elements of a larger security solution, where information and infrastructure are shared. This sharing allows personnel to focus attention on a wider, broader level, while systems manage the monitoring and initiating of alarms when, and even before, an incident occurs.”

Michael Collins, RCDD, CCDA, NCE, BICSI’s president, commented, “The fourth edition of the ESSDRM is an essential reference for all those involved in the design and implementation of ESS systems. Information and trends specific to the security industry are captured in the manual, including network storage, integration of wireless transmission, and the basic tenets of cloud computing and software-as-a-service. The new ESSDRM continues to bridge the gap between the ICT and security industries to ensure a harmonious effort to protect us now and in the future.”

You can find more information on the 4th edition of BICSI’s ESSDRM here.

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