PTZ camera robotics system automatically tracks multiple speakers

Telemetrics' camera robotics Auto Tracking System (ATS) is designed for educational and conference room applications.

Telemetrics debuted its new camera robotics Auto Tracking System (ATS) at the recent 2014 NAB Show. Designed for educational and conference room applications, the Telemetrics ATS automatically follows one or more speakers as they move about a room. A lightweight wireless hub worn by the speaker sends the information via simple radio frequency links to the system's server, and a Telemetrics autofocusing PTZ camera, to maintain camera tracking.

The ATS package consists of a Dell PC server with Telemetrics tracking software, a wireless hub with embedded hardware and positional software, a source cube for sensor measurements, and the Telemetrics HDSC-1 auto-focus HD camera integrated with a compact Telemetrics PT-CP-S4 pan and tilt head. The hub’s rechargeable battery has an approximate 10 hour capacity. Each source cube provides 12 foot sphere coverage, with the entire coverage area scalable with up to 8 cubes for large venues.

Telemetrics says the ATS offers drift-free, solid state performance for user-friendly operation. The system allows a user to quickly set up the system, turn the system on, and start tracking. The system re-acquires signal as a tracked person walks in and out of the tracking range without the need for recalibration.

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Compact and lightweight, Telemetrics’ HDSC-1 camera features a Sony 3.27-megapixel CMOS image sensor (Exmor IMX036) with a Canon 20X zoom lens for extraordinary video image quality, color reproduction and focal range. The Telemetrics PT-CP-S4 is a precision pan/tilt head with smooth variable operating speed. Heavy duty cross roller bearings and servo motors with isolation mounts provide quiet operation.

The system's sensors do not require line of site, allowing for continuous tracking when the user is obscured from the camera. Accuracy is specified at less than 5 inches, dependent on the range from the source, the number of sources, and proximity to magnetic distortion. Telemetrics ATS is compatible with the company’s RCCP-1-STS robotic camera control panel for networked remote set up and control.

“The marriage of powerful software and intelligent camera robotics technology has transformed auto tracking systems from a great idea into a powerful production and presentation tool,” comments Anthony Cuomo, president of Telemetrics, Inc. “Our new Auto Tracking System takes the concept even further with the ability to accurately track multiple speakers using multiple cameras with remote system set-up. It’s a fresh take on integrating presentation technology for mainstream business and educational applications.”

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