Extending Power over Ethernet's reach addressed in white paper

Document from Berk-Tek describes the benefits of technology that allows users to reach beyond the 100-meter limit of twisted-pair Ethernet deployments.

A white paper authored by Berk-Tek describes methods available to cabling-system designers, installers and users for deploying Power-over-Ethernet-powered devices over distances beyond the typical reach of twisted-pair cabling systems.

The paper entitled "Extending the Reach of PoE Powered Devices" explains the features, benefits and popularity of PoE technology, then discusses the reality, for some, of wanting to deploy a PoE-powered device somewhere farther than 100 meters from an Ethernet switch. The paper emphasizes Berk-Tek's OneReach system as a favorable option for such distance extension, but also describes other alternatives users can take. These alternatives include the installation of an additional electrical outlet and the use of media-conversion technology.

The paper explains that Internet Protocol (IP) cameras have been the devices initially deployed via Berk-Tek's OneReach system, but also says other applications can benefit from the technology. "The logistics of placing WAPs [wireless access points] in large, open areas such as warehouses, convention centers or retail stores have provided traditional installations with recurring challenges," the paper says, and represent other opportunities in which to deploy the system. Another possibility is "the connection of remote access-control components in a campus environment," the paper says.

You can download the white paper here.

You may also be interested in this article, "Extending PoE Long Distances for Safety's Sake," which tells the story of Hudson Valley Community College's use of the OneReach system to power cameras in a new garage.

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