Rack security doors provide physical protection

Cooper B-Line’s new rack security doors help protect against unauthorized access to network assets.

Cooper B-Line recently introduced new rack security doors as part of its latest line of network rack security products. Adaptable to meet a wide range of data center projects, the new line is designed to be an effective and easy-to-implement solution for physical layer security for IT applications in the finance, healthcare, government, institutional and retail markets.

Installing on the front or back of a two post rack, the company says its rack security door ensures that hardware inside the rack is not accessible once the door is locked. The patent-pending design can be easily installed on existing racks as a secure solution, and as an alternative to buying a fully enclosed cabinet. For added versatility, each door includes adjustable brackets designed to accommodate various cable management depths. To save time and reduce downtime, installers can secure the product without turning off or disconnecting any equipment.

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Cooper B-Line’s newest solution provides security for 84” racks and is designed for use on two-post, non-welded systems. Designed with a key closure for access control, the system eliminates the need for special equipment, complicated passwords or access codes, says the company. The rack security doors are offered in acrylic and perforated steel.

“At Cooper B-Line, we understand security solutions are critical to protect our customers’ equipment and network assets,” said Daniel Castillo, President of Cooper B-Line. “With our new line of rack security products, installers now have a cost effective and easy-to-implement solution to help secure the physical layer of their network.”

For more information on rack security doors or Cooper B-Line’s new line of rack security products, visit http://www.cooperbline.com/rack-security.

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