Dock station turns iPad into on-wall touch-screen panel

Docking station enables users to turn their iPads into wall-mounted automation-and-control centers.

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Channel Vision's On-Wall Dock Station for second- and third-generation iPads enables users to securely mount the iPad to a wall, essentially creating a touch-screen controller that can be used in home theater, whole-house automation, security and audio-visual applications, Channel Vision says.

The dock station can be mounted vertically or horizontally; it includes a hinged cover that allows for quick access and removal of the iPad from the dock.

Darrel Hauk, Channel Vision's president and chief executive officer, says the dock station's "elegant design and functionality will enhance anyone's iPad experience. Whether you are watching movies, listening to music or viewing security cameras, the wireless On-Wall Dock Station is the perfect solution to securely mounting your iPad on the wall, while creating a home control system."

The company adds that it offers a security app that allows users to view cameras from their iPads.

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