Video system links surveillance to computer-aided dispatch

Intergraph's Video Responder helps public safety dispatchers view video while allowing security officers to send information to CAD maps.

Intergraph has introduced its Video Responder public safety technology, which links video surveillance feeds to Intergraph's computer-aided dispatch software, providing dispatchers with more and better information.

According to the company, the system enables dispatchers to automatically identify and view camera feeds in the vicinity of an incident on a CAD map. Video Responder also helps public safety and security personnel monitor live video feeds and enter information directly into CAD, aiding video surveillance and virtual patrols.

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"Video Responder leverages Intergraph's long-standing expertise in video integration, and is a logical next step in our commitment to providing visual insight that enables smarter decisions," comments Steve Marz, vice president, strategy and business development, Intergraph. "Together with Intergraph's I/CAD 9.2, the product raises situational awareness, while also supporting new technologies to accommodate customers' future growth."

Working with I/CAD 9.2, Video Responder supports video feeds from multiple vendors and multiple agencies in a common operating picture with geospatial maps, tabular data and related information to provide more complete understanding of situations. Video Responder is one of a variety of enhancements available with the recent release of I/CAD 9.2, notes Intergraph.

Customers including the Port of Seattle and Edmonton Transit have contracted Intergraph to provide integrated CAD and video systems. For more information, visit

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