MicroPower integrates wireless surveillance cameras with Milestone, Genetec video management systems

Sept. 13, 2012
More security news from ASIS International 2012.

At this week’s ASIS International 2012 (Sept. 10-13) conference in Philadelphia, PA, MicroPower Technologies Inc., a provider of solar-powered surveillance solutions optimized for rapid wireless deployment, announced that its MPT2500 video surveillance cameras are now supported by the full portfolio of Milestone XProtect IP video management software (VMS). Additionally, MicroPower announced the integration of its wireless, solar-powered surveillance cameras with the Genetec Omnicast video management platform.

The interoperability between Milestone and MicroPower will allow integrators to build surveillance platforms featuring the long-range wireless transmission and reliability of the MicroPower system, which eliminates the need for trenching to deliver power to surveillance cameras, with the Milestone video management software platform. “Our mission is to continuously expand our open platform’s usability by aligning with a range of innovative solutions,” said Reinier Tuinzing, strategic alliances manager, Milestone Systems. “Our support of MicroPower’s unique solar-powered surveillance technology provides additional value to our customers, particularly those with remote surveillance applications.”

As a Milestone Manufacturer Alliance Partner (MAP), MicroPower MPT2500 works with new deployments and retrofits of existing XProtect systems. The open-platform nature of both companies’ technologies simplifies integration. “Milestone is well recognized in the industry for their open platform system and its ability to integrate with a variety of products to build comprehensive solutions,” said Jon Siann, CEO, MicroPower Technologies. “MicroPower is greatly looking forward to incorporating our solution with Milestone’s best-in-class software.”

The integration capabilities between Genetec and MicroPower’s MPT2500 video surveillance camera enables the delivery of the solar-powered, long-range benefits of the MicroPower solution with the streamlined management functions of Omnicast, which provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across any IP network. Omnicast users can now leverage the power of MicroPower’s surveillance technologies, which eliminate the need for trenching to deliver power and enable long-range camera deployments, to expand surveillance networks to realms previously thought not financially feasible.

“The addition of MicroPower cameras to the Genetec ecosystem of technology partners will bring our customers greater possibilities in the deployment of video surveillance in remote areas,” said Morgan Pasnon, Senior Technology Alliance Manager, Genetec. “We look forward to working with MicroPower and serving our shared users to meet their unique needs.”

Billed as the first solar-powered, wireless surveillance system available in the market, MicroPower says its Helios system can drastically reduce the cost of camera deployment through patented technology that delivers significant improvements in performance and power without compromising video quality or reliability for outdoor and perimeter surveillance needs.

“Genetec’s robust video management platform greatly enhances our ability to deliver the best solar-powered solutions to customers seeking low cost, hassle-free camera deployments in outdoor environments,” said Jon Siann, CEO, MicroPower Technologies. “Genetec’s profound market reach will help MicroPower tap into new market opportunities as part of a comprehensive security solution.”

MicroPower Technologies is showcasing the Helios video surveillance system in its booth #659 at the ASIS Seminar, being held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. For more information, visit www.micropowerapp.com.

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